“Let’s go to a quiet spring”

His thing, he says, is “hearsay.” Carlos de Hita has been collecting soundscapes for 38 years. He’s a “naturalist turned sound engineer,” he simplifies. The truth is that he has participated in nearly 200 films and documentaries, as well as numerous sound installations. The last one will be held at Naturcyl, from September 23 to 25. “We are just like spies or paparazzi, listening and recording messages from the forest that are not for us … but we give them value.”

When you go out into nature, what do you carry in your backpack?

The first thing: a lot of patience, a willingness to do nothing for hours on end. I like to say I get creatively bored. And then, well, my recording equipment, a tape recorder, a series of microphones… There’s field work behind that. The important thing is to find the right spot and stay long enough for your presence to disappear.

Before you go, do you want to collect a specific sound?

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