Johanna San Miguel and Stefano Salvini: a love story marked by the age difference

Johanna San Miguel and Stefano Salvini began dating in 2014 after falling in love on the set of At 40.

Seven years have passed since then Johanna San Miguel Y Stefano Salvini They decided to continue their lives separately. However, the popular actor surprised everyone by recently admitting that he still has feelings for the current host of ‘This is war’. “I’m still in love with her and it’s hard, it’s hard,” he said during the live broadcast of Instagram.

His statements made users recall the passionate romance in which the actors participated years ago. In 2014, all of Peru witnessed the love that was born between Johanna San Miguelthen aged 47, and Salviniwho at that time was 22 years old and his name was just beginning to sound strongly in the artistic field.

Johanna and Stefano matched in the film at 40′, released in May 2014. In the Tondero-produced film, the two play a couple with a wide age gap. No one imagined that fiction would become reality. This was revealed when ‘Love Love Love’ He caught them kissing passionately in a nightclub.

Since then, the images have resonated strongly in the entertainment press San Miguel he was older than the young actor by more than 20 years. “We rehearsed for the second part of “At 40” and went out to practice,” was all Stefano said when asked about the revealing footage. in turn Johanna San Miguel he preferred to remain silent.

Johanna San Miguel and Stefano Salvini were caught kissing in a Miraflores nightclub.  (Latin TV)
Johanna San Miguel and Stefano Salvini were caught kissing in a Miraflores nightclub. (Latin TV)

It should be noted that for Salvini his first meeting with the host of America TV This happened long ago when he was only four years old and Johanna was already a part of “Pataclowan”series that became very popular in the late 1990s.

“I met her when I was 4 years old, my uncle was the director of Pataklown. Did you really like Johanna’s mouth? Not only did I like it, I fell in love, it was a crazy kid and I fell in love (…) The apartment is a paraza, I would like to reach 54 years like this,” said the Peruvian artist on his social networks.

Johanna San Miguel and Stefano Salvini in 2014 promoting the movie At 40.
Johanna San Miguel and Stefano Salvini in 2014 promoting the movie At 40.

The same year, Johanna San Miguel were caught again on a night out with Stefano Salvini. This time, however, the images released by the program ‘Love Love Love’ they do not depict a romantic moment, but a discussion in the middle of public space.

shut up or i will punish you“, the televangelist told him. This phrase went around social networks and, as expected, the engines of the missing TV program Latin TV They did not hesitate to joke about it, emphasizing that Johanna is a woman with a gun and Salvini is just a “cibolo”.

This situation did not please the outstanding actress at all, who interrupted the broadcast of ‘This is war’ to clarify that he never said that phrase to his “friend”. “If you look closely, I was talking on the cell phone with someone. I don’t talk like that to the people I hang out with, I respect my friends“, she was indignant.

Johanna San Miguel and her controversial catchphrase “Shut up or I’ll punish you!” | Latin TV / Love, love, love

Things didn’t get any better for the actress when an audio recording of her allegedly having a “heated” conversation with Stefano Salvini. Although it was not confirmed that the voice belongs to the artist, Rodrigo Gonzalez He called her a “pig” on his show. “This is too much,” he said. “toddler” listening to the material in private.

Hours later, the driver of ‘This is war’ unleash your fury ‘Love Love Love’ for attempting to distribute his alleged audio. “They are crossing the line, making fun of me, my son and my family. I’m really disgusted by Channel 2,” she said. Then, “toddler” He apologized for the incident.

San Miguel He always denied being the voice on the audio and also never accepted Gonzalez’s apology. “No, gentlemen, it’s not me, it’s a lie, it’s a lie. I don’t talk like that. Apologies haven’t reached my heart, the damage is already done, it won’t stay that way,” was the last thing he said on the reality competition show.

Johanna San Miguel denied being the voice of
Johanna San Miguel denied being the voice of the “hot” audio. (TV America)

Love between the actors ended when “shocks” dairies announced the news of their split, noting that the two are still very good friends. None of them wanted to reveal the reasons for their separation; years later, however, Stefano decided to break his silence.

In 2019, the actor said that he did not want to be part of the media “circus” that surrounds the driver, so he decided to withdraw so that his personal life would not be further affected. However, Johanna’s version was different. During a series of ‘This is war’in 2021, she sent him a hint: “I cheated on him”.

However, San Miguel He claims that he keeps the best memories of his ex-partner, whom he still loves very much. “It was part of my life. He is a person I love very much, we have had beautiful moments and difficult moments because of everything that happened because of the press issue. Even if time passes, whether we see each other or not, we will always be paws,” he pointed out in early 2022.

Stefano Salvini and Johanna San Miguel maintain friendly relations to this day.  (instagram)
Stefano Salvini and Johanna San Miguel maintain friendly relations to this day. (instagram)


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