In the Senate, Morena needs 10 votes to reform the military

The constitutional reform that expands the presence of the armed forces in public security tasks until 2028 It has already received the approval of the Chamber of Deputies, but the next customs, the Senate, is still waiting for it, where Morena and her allies are alone do not reach the necessary qualified majority and do not have the bound support of the IRP.

Together with its allies in PT, PVEM and PES, Morena collects the votes of 75 senators to expand the military presence on the streets. There are 60 seats for Morena, six for PVEM, five for PT and four for PES.

This figure leaves the bloc 10 votes short of the minimum 85 it needsthat is, two-thirds of the 128 legislators who make up the plenary chamber.

The PRI bench — a party that in the Chamber of Deputies supported the initiative almost unanimously — has 13 membersbut your coordinator, Miguel Angel Osorio Chongassures that the parliamentary group will vote against the motion.

“None of my colleagues were informed about the presentation of this initiative in the Chamber of Deputies,” he said at a press conference on September 6, accompanied by six other PRI senators.

“We do not agree with the presentation or certainly with this initiative. This goes against what we have been offering in recent years. They were given enough time requested by the armed forces themselves while they were in the Senate of the Republic and we want that deadline to be met,” he said.

So Osorio Chong referred to the deadline set in the reform that created the National Guard, in which it was established that the President of the Republic will have until 2024 to resort to the armed forces for public safety tasks while the new corporation was consolidated.

Now Morena, her allies and the PRI deputies confirm that this temporary period must be extended because the National Guard is not yet consolidated. So in the House they voted to change the year to 2028.

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Voltage inside and outside PRI

The case has generated divisions in the IRPwhere Osorio Chong said he and his colleagues will ask the coordinator of the MPs, Ruben Moreiraand the party leader Alexander Moreno — also a federal MP — to explain the proposal to them.

Along the same lines, PRI Sen Claudia Ruiz-Masiu recently stated that on the bench see no reason to support the expansion of military deployment.

“In my parliamentary group, we have made our individual position known, each one of us (…) Most of us are clear This is not a reform that will passthat there is no rush to make a decision of this nature,” Ruiz Maciu told reporters.

In addition, PAN and PRD leaders stated that the PRI leadership and MPs supported this reform. They even warned that they would make a decision on whether or not to keep Va por México’s alliance with the PRI. from what is happening in the Senate.

“We will wait for the legislative process of this reform to end in the Senate of the Republic, so that in the bodies of our respective political institutes we can analyze and decide what will be the immediate future of the coalition with the said party,” they said last night in a statement.

Ricardo Monrealcoordinator of Morena in the Senate and president of the Political Coordination Council (Jucopo), announced last night that the protocols with this reform has already reached the upper chamber. He said it would be handed over to committees and would not be run by steam but by “legislative procedure in all its stages”.

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