Eros Ramazzotti: “The pandemic is a sign of nature” – Culture

Fermin Cabañas

The singer Eros Ramazzotti chose Seville to present his new album Battito Infinito (Infinite Heartbeat) and to start his world tour, although the Italian in an interview with Efe does not want to talk only about music and quickly deals with the effects of the coronavirus. pandemic.covid, which he considers “a very strong signal from nature”.

Aware that, like everyone who has seen the pandemic pass without affecting him, he is lucky, when asked how he welcomes the arrival of the new album, he replies that he wanted to do something; Like everyone else, he wanted to be reborn. We have lived through a sad, peculiar period, which is not yet over, but is gradually improving.

For him, this is not just a virus that has become aggressive and traveling, but a very strong signal from nature that we are exaggerating with everything, so we have to take that step back and try to do things better than before. Better than before we improved everything.

The little more than four minutes his press office gives to interview Eros Ramazzotti in the hotel where he is staying in Seville does not go far, especially to get to know the man behind the character, although the singer, who has sold more than 70 million records since The 1980s try to keep it easy, say hello, joke and ask for health as in any elevator conversation.

He invites you to sit next to him, in a small room with two cameras that focus on the interviewer and the interviewee, and a spotlight on his face: I’m used to it, it’s been like this for many years, he replies when asked how he can stand being bombarded with intense light on his face for hours, because since he released “Cuore agitati” in 1985, his life has always been about a microphone, a stage and spotlights on his face.

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