Crime Helena Giubani: the alibi of the main accused “hangs in the balance”

Helena Jubani was killed at the age of 27 | File, Archive

News in research on crime of Helena Giubani. This Friday they announced to Judge of Instruction 2 of Sabadell on two witnesses what could they do shake the alibi of the present sole defendant in the case, Javi Jimenez. According to the victim’s family, the information of the two new witnesses may shed light on what happened. afternoon of November 30, 2001when Helena disappears before turning up dead on the morning of December 2nd.

The key question: Where was Jimenez on the afternoon of November 30?

How do you know the newspaper, the accused Y Jaume Sanlehiboth friends and members of nature section from Sabadell Excursion Union (UES), contradicted themselves in front of the police a few days later Jubani’s death, when investigations began that continue to this day. Questioned by officials about where was he when jubany disappeared afternoon of November 30Sanllehí explained that that Friday he was in Barcelona taking a little beers with some friends. Then, and in the opposite direction, Jimenez told the agents of National Police that he he had spent that afternoon in Sanlehi’s companypreparing a UES field trip which took place the following day, Saturday 1 December 2001.

realizing the mistake Sanllehí voluntarily returned to the police station and changed his statement to match Jimenez’s. The victim’s brother Joan Giubaniis convinced that Jaume Sanllehí lied to protect the accused and according to him, one of the witnesses who testified before the judge today can prove it.


The alibi is broken

As the aforementioned media advanced, one of the two witnesses who testified today before the investigative court in Sabadell 2, Sanlehi’s friendhas admitted this Friday afternoon, November 30, 2001on he was with Jaume and they were drinking beer in Barcelona. Thus confirming his first alibi and proving that he lied to protect Jimenez. However, the person most affected by this statement is undoubtedly Javi Jimenez, who his alibi now hangs in the balance.

This statement promotes family hypotheses which are convinced that Jimenez and Santi Laiglesia are material authors about the murder of the young librarian.

More news: new DNA test

Along with the statements, the investigating judge in the case requested a vaginal sample which was taken from the victim’s body after the crime to see if they would find any traces of DNA. This is a sample taken in 2001 and this has already been analyzed. Then they found only biological remains of the same victimbut not from other people.

Two decades later, however, the techniques of the scientific police unit have advanced a lot and therefore they will analyze the sample again to see if they can find traces of DNA from other people to compare them with traces of DNA that were recently found on clothes of the Sabadell Librarian. Currently, the remains found are still being compared to the DNA of the victim and Javi Jimenez

Relationship between emails and handwritten letters

Thus, with the indictment against Jimenez, the investigation into the death of Helena Giubani took an unexpected turn in December 2021, a few hours before the 20th anniversary of his death and thus the statute of limitations for the crime. His attribution came after computer forensics Bruno Perez Hunka discovered from the deceased’s hard drive that the latter accused had sent several e-mails to the young woman with messages pinned to anonymous manuscripts which he received before his death.

We must recall that the 27-year-old librarian was killed on December 2, 2001 in Sabadell. They found the body lying in a courtyard. She was naked and her neck was covered in burns. A month before the crime, Helena received two anonymous letters: in one they gave him pies and horcha, which was his favorite drink. In the second juice. In the drink that made her analyze, several anxiolytics were introducedthe same drug that was found in his body after the crime.

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