Art and nature for the whole family go hand in hand with the “Star Bear” at Panticosa Spa

Art and nature for the whole family go hand in hand with The Star Bear this weekend at Panticosa Spa. (PHOTO: Rebecca Ruiz)

A picturesque experience in nature The star bear (Izarren hartza) of the company Panta Rhei Antzerkia Theater can be used in Pantikosa Spa this weekend, in morning sessions (12:00 p.m. Saturday and Sunday) and afternoon sessions (6:00 p.m. Saturday). The proposal, which combines live theatre, dance, music and singing, seeking symbiosis with the environment, will start from the parking lot of the Continental Hotel and is aimed at any audience; especially since five years.

Art and nature at Panticosa Spa

Teatro Panta Rhei Anzterkia is currently exploring creating experiences in nature through the arts. This line of art and nature is a commitment to moving audiences through imaginary, metaphorical and symbolic pathways into intimate contact with nature. Meeting between man and nature.

Cultural productions or events are offered Site specific in spaces of great natural and/or heritage value: forest space, natural parks, urban parks, botanical gardens… In short, attention to the possibilities of every green corner and opening, so that each creation adapts to the space where it takes place . The arts are the means by which the ethics and aesthetics of nature are claimed. They are multidisciplinary creations that combine theater, plastic arts, music and live singing, dance or poetry.

A trail started with bidea 2016 (Cultural Capital of Donostia/San Sebastián). In September 2021, it was released to great success Naturaren Sekretua in the Gorbeia Natural Park: a sensory, innovative and healthy proposal that looks towards a more natural and sustainable way of life.

The star bear / Izarren hartza

The Panta Rhei team premiered last July 2022 The star bear / Izarren hartzaa multidisciplinary experience that brings together land art from the hand of Nacho Arantegui with theater, dance, music and live singing. Aimed at all audiences, especially the 5 year old family. Creating an awareness of respect for biodiversity and invites us to restore the harmonious coexistence between living beings.

Proposal versatile and adaptable to different natural spaces, whether urban, suburban or rural: parks, botanical gardens, green belts, etc. All cities can host this show, which adapts to the specifications of each park or green corner.

An innovative theatrical offer for actors and puppets in combination with other disciplines: puppets together with works by land art, live music and singing and dancing. All dolls are designed and made Aurum EtxeaPanta Rhei company headquarters located in Muruaat the foot of Gorbeya Nature Park (Alava). A constructive research process that delves into four-legged dolls made from all-natural materials harvested sustainably.

the star bear

SYNOPSIS: the young child Irdin she is alone and abandoned on the path of life. He runs away from melancholy, examines his character and worth in search of a “place in the world”, a family and a home where he can live happily. One threat warns the animals in the forest: the tapeworm White Wolf imposing his will where it is least expected. In the silence of the depths of the forest, a great natural force is unleashed; the future that once seemed real spins without control or meaning. Only the iron determination of the bear Irdin to go to life, to love, to go to herself, will show her the way to the heart of the mountain, where all her dreams live.

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