5 cheap places to celebrate the day of love and friendship near Bogotá

Many couples and friends take advantage of the weekend of Love and Friendship to enjoy new destinations.

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Traveling will always be a great alternative to strengthen relationships and experience unforgettable experiences, therefore special dates turn out to be a great opportunity to discover new destinations or return to those where you were happy.

And if you still haven’t decided what to do in love and friendship whether to be with your friends, with your partner or even to rest alone, these are just some of the many offers that you can find near Bogotá.

1. Guatavita

Considered one of the most beautiful cities in the country, this place, hero of the “Legend of El Dorado”, located about 72 kilometers from Bogotá, is a great alternative for every taste and budget.

It can be easily reached by car or boat and you can find plans for nature lovers, in the Guatavita Lagoon or in the Tomine Reservoir, in the latter it is also possible to do water sports.

For those who enjoy contemplative tourism It is also a great alternative, the landscapes of the lagoons, the legends and ancient stories that surround it are special images that will stay in your heart and certainly in your camera.

According to the Municipal Hall of Guatavita, “la Nueva” is characterized by its own colonial style, without its construction dating from that time; Its buildings stand out with mud roofs, bricks, wood, stone on its main streets and squares and the white color, the legacy of the old Guatavita that lies underwater. Walking these streets while eating dessert or some “corrientazo” is a highly recommended budget plan.

Another recommended and innovative plan is to visit the “Mad House of Guatavita”, a structure made upside down and with a special tilt, which is enjoyed by adults and children.

2. Choachi

Going through the center of Bogotá, there is another destination that captivates with its charm of nature and well-being. In addition to the well-known and recommended hot springs, where you can make plans for the day or enjoy the accommodation and leave refreshed, you can also take several walks that will open your senses.

It’s a great alternative La Chorrera Adventure Park, located at kilometer 24 through Bogotá Choachí and where you can go hiking, horseback riding, camping, abseiling and enjoy delicious dishes from the region.

“The Tourist Association of the Municipality of Choachí Parque Aventura is a community tourist association with a long history that allows its visitors to offer eco-agritourism and adventure tourism with the intention of generating spaces for cultural recognition through natural resources. Our association is committed to the development of the municipality, contributing to the creation of employment and the protection of natural resources”, the association assures on its website.

3. Toby

This destination is perfect for those who want to get away from the cold in Bogotá and love adrenaline.

In Tobia, located about two hours from the Colombian capital, there are many opportunities to break away from the routine and enjoy the natural landscapes of the region. The municipality of Cundinamarca has a wide range natural and adventure tourist attractions, and if you have a sweet tooth, this destination will allow you to feel the aroma, which, among other things, will accompany you on the tour of the tourist train that takes you to one of the sugar mills in the municipality.

I practice rafting on the black river where you can find class II and III rapids, perfect for beginners who want to learn what it takes before heading to stronger channels, is another ideal plan for this destination. You don’t need to be an expert, certified guides will accompany you to experience a safe experience full of adrenaline, life and fun.

4. Chingasa

The Chingaza National Nature Park It is a natural and cultural treasure of central Colombia. The magic of its mountains holds secrets and thoughts inherited from the Muis and Guayupes, the indigenous peoples who guarded this territory, as well as the rural communities that inhabited the region less than 40 years ago.

This is the fate of nature, contemplation and culture where it is essential to be responsible and develop sustainable tourism to take care of its wealth and help preserve its fauna and flora.

It is located in the eastern mountain range of the Andes, northeast of the Colombian capital; and consists of eleven municipalities, seven from Cundinamarca: Fómeque, Choachí, La Calera, Guasca, Junín, Gachalá and Medina; and four from Meta: San Juanito, El Calvario, Restrepo and Kumaral. Its predominant ecosystems are high Andean and sub-Andean forests and swamps.

The headquarters of the Chingaza National Natural Park is located at kilometer 13 through Bogotá – La Calera. Please note that booking and confirmation must be made prior to visiting the protected area and all groups must be accompanied by heritage guide or interpreter

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5. Sweden

Thinking about adventure destinations, Suezca is another great choice due to its proximity to Bogotá and easy access, either by own car or by intercity bus.

In addition to climbing, in Suesca you can rappel, walk through caves and cave paintings, and enjoy good restaurants. For extreme and adventure sports you don’t need to be a professional, there are dozens of local travel agencies and specialized guides in the municipalities that can help you live a safe and special experience.

There are also in the area accommodation For every taste and budget you can go camping with the necessary equipment.

Don’t miss the opportunity to see the monoliths, the altar of the Virgin of the Rocks of Suezka and the lagoon.

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