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Nature is exhibited in all its possible forms in Cabo de Gata. On one side are the sands of the Tabernas desert. On the other side there is also sand, but now they are bathed by the waters of the Mediterranean Sea and form the beautiful beaches along its coast. Salt flats, volcanic chimneys, geological formations and much more complete the landscape of this magical marine-terrestrial nature park.

There are many opportunities to experience Cabo de Gata with all our senses, but perhaps one lifetime is not enough. For this reason, the tourist office recommends 20 minutes What we can’t get lost on the spot by any means.

The imposing lighthouse of Gatha

The most special point of the nature park cannot be other than its impressive lighthouse. This is built on the ruins of Castle of San Francisco de Paula, which “was part of the naval defense battery on the coast of Almería,” they explain, and which was destroyed during the War of Independence. The watchtower rose 1863 on the edge of a 50-meter cliff and has since been a lookout for ships approaching the coast.

Cabo de Gata Lighthouse.
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And below the rock, a set of volcanic chimneys known as Mermaid Reef. The name comes from the number of monk seals that inhabited the place, whose screams sailors mistook for siren songs.

The most idyllic beaches

The Alboran Sea breaks its waves on the shores of Cabo de Gata. Upon arrival, these blue waters flow into a dry landscape of unique beauty and give us infinity beaches and bays spectacular. One of the longest takes its name from the nose and leaves behind the esplanade of Salinas. Here we will find nothing but peace and tranquility.

The beach of the dead.
The beach of the dead.
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the beach of Genoesewith its immensity of fine sand, or that of Monsul, marked by a dune of colossal dimensions, are other treasures that the natural park offers us. Although we cannot forget other enclaves that will captivate us in the same way, such as the beach of The dead wave of Stoneswhere we will find the emblematic natural arch that has become a symbol of the area.

It’s hard to choose between one place or another, but they all share an unspoiled beauty, a quiet atmosphere and an enchanting aura that makes us want to set foot on its sands again.

Surveyor of Pulpi, Almeria

The quiet life of the villages

The nature of Cabo de Gata is dazzling, but it would not be the same without cities that litter the place. In them, life flows calmly, as in small bubbles, oblivious to the outside world. Perhaps the most popular in the area is the idyllic village Saint Josephwhich, despite being the “centre of tourism in the natural park”, as it is described in detail, still holds strongly to its maritime essence and that typical architecture of white houses that contrast with the gentle hills and their black tones.

City of San Jose.
City of San Jose.

The atmosphere is even calmer and calmer in other small towns such as The black ones or Isle del Moro. And that is that in them we will not find more than fishing boats moved by the gentle rocking of the waves, beautiful beaches with dark sand and restaurants with the most refined cuisine in the area. But the coast is not the only place where the settlers of these lands settle; In the heart of the nature park is the small town Rodalquilaronce famous for its gold mines.

Although just moving between cities is already a magical experience. In these lands of dry and rounded hills the roads find us a new landscape in every curve. And at the top of these hills, the tarmac disappears from our sight and only the sky remains as our destination.

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It is a must-stop on this trail network Amethyst Lookout, a natural balcony that gives us a beautiful postcard from above. With the chasm beneath our feet, the vastness of the sea unfolds before our eyes and merges with the sky in a blue kiss. The landscape is completed by the silhouette of Friars Peakan ancient volcano that rises in the distance as the highest elevation in the entire park.

Cabo de Gata Lighthouse.

Endless activities in nature

As expected, the natural activities at Cabo de Gata Natural Park are endless. First of all are the incredible routes of tourism What can we do in the area? For example, the tourist office recommends the one that takes us 11 kilometers from Las Negras to the Agua Amarga area, passing through Castillo de San Pedro and Cala El Plomo. Another impressive tour is the one that takes us to Majada round boiler, an impressive volcanic landscape covered in hearts of palms, pitas and prickly pears. Likewise, we can move between cities and beaches, following nature trails.

Fish by the shore.
Fish by the shore.
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But beyond their lands, water plans also take the cake. Rich seabeds teeming with life provide us with the perfect setting for diving and exploring the depths snorkel or diving. Thousands of fish, sunken ships, posidonia meadows, corals and underwater caves await you there.

And of course, on the surface we will be able to contemplate Cabo de Gata from a unique perspective and make routes in kayakride on a boat or surf the coast paddle surfing.

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