“The truth of this celebration is God’s love,” the bishop said

The images of the Mother of God and the Lord of Miracles went on a pilgrimage through the streets. Photo: Cornu Engue.

The Bishop of Jujuy, Monsignor Daniel Fernandez, assured this Thursday that the “great truth” of the feast of the miracle “is the love of God”, delivering his homily at the seasonal liturgy on the last day of the Triduum, c The Cathedral Basilica of Saltawithin the framework of one of the most important and familiar holidays of the Catholic Church in the country, which will end this afternoon with the traditional procession.

“The great truth of this holiday is God’s love”expressed Fernandez, who added: “Let us live this day as a profound meeting of love,” and he urged “all men and women of our country and the whole world” to worship the Lord of Miracles.

The Bishop of Jujuy led this Thursday the seasonal liturgy of the third day of the Triduum of the Popes, the celebration of the Lord of Miracles, which took place in the atrium of the Cathedral Basilica of Salta.

“Once again the people of Salta recognize and appreciate the love of their Lord and express their commitment to match that love by renewing the Pact of Allegiance,” said the Bishop of Jujuy, then pointed out that “as in those days of 1692, the year after a year, the Church of Salta reminds us of the constant validity of this faithful love of God, which accompanies and gives meaning to our lives”.

The Archbishop of Salta Mario Cargnello; Governor Gustavo Saenz; the honorary bishops of the Uruguayan city of Canelones Alberto Sanguinetti; from Puerto Iguazú, Marcelo Martorell; and by Venado Tuerto, Gustavo Help; and the new bishop of Cafayate, Darío Quintana, among others.

On Wednesday, during the second day of the Triduum, on the Feast of the Exaltation of the Cross, the Bishop of Oran, Monsignor Luis Scocina, presided over the religious celebration, while on Tuesday, Cargnello celebrated the seasonal liturgy on the first day of the Triduum, for the celebration of Our Lady of Miracles.

This Thursday, which is a provincial holiday in Salta, Cargnello expressed that “when the pandemic started, we all wondered what would happen to the human heart in relation to God and brothers”.

“This is the answer: yesterday, from 1 in the afternoon to 4 in the morning today, pilgrims kept coming in large groups that really overwhelmed us,” he revealed, before pointing out that “it was a river that came this way” from all over .

Cargnello later claimed that “We are here, we are one people and the one who unites us is God”and added that “what we celebrate is the expression that God is among us.”

Meanwhile, Sáenz said that “today is a very beautiful and exciting day and the opportunity to share all this after two years of a pandemic with pilgrims makes us think a lot” and stressed that Salta’s message to the country “is one of peace and harmony, a message , which pilgrims leave us, for faith and hope that they should still be better.’

The Cathedral of Salta remained open throughout the early morning, in vigil and prayer, after a stirring concert of bells, and in the Plaza 9 de Julio, which remained full, those who wanted to witness the departure of the sacred images.

Thursday morning, the pilgrim images of the Lord and Our Lady of Miracles, left by vehicle and traveled for three hours almost 30 kilometers through the streets of Saltato bring them closer to those who will not be able to participate this afternoon in the procession, which is normalized after two years of restrictions due to the sanitary measures introduced in the framework of the coronavirus pandemic.

In 2020, when a peak of Covid-19 cases was registered in Salta, the procession was stopped, and in 2021, the images went around the streets of the city, but without the accompaniment of the faithful, who had to follow their path virtually or from the sidewalks with capacity to avoid contracting the disease.

Until Wednesday About 100,000 pilgrims arrived from different parts of the province and from other Argentine provinces, to the Cathedral of Salta to pledge, give thanks and participate in the Fiesta del Milagro, considered one of the most popular religious festivals in the country.

At least 800,000 people are expected during the procession this Thursdaywhich began at 3:00 p.m. and will unite the cathedral with the monument on February 20, where Cargnello will lead the ceremony for the renewal of the Loyalty Pact.

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