The Cabildo allows people with reduced mobility access to the paths and corners of the island with the “Connected X Nature” program

· A group of 60 volunteers are trained to handle these transport tools from this Thursday to Saturday at the Botanical Garden of Vieira y Clavijo in the Canary Islands

Facilitating the access of people with reduced mobility to the routes, paths and corners of nature on the island is the goal that prompted the Cabildo de Gran Canaria to launch the “Connected X Nature” program, for the implementation of which it is already training staff from various island organizations and social groups in the use of joëlette chairs, the transport tools that will make the initiative possible.

The President of the Island Corporation Antonio Morales, the Ministers of the Environment Ines Jimenez and of Social Policy and Accessibility Isabel Mena and the representative of the organization “Life is still positive” Eduardo Martínez announced today the project, at the Viera y Clavijo Botanical Garden in the Canary Islands, in which facilities, the activities necessary for its implementation are carried out.

In his speech, President Morales reaffirmed the involvement of the Cabildo de Gran Canaria in promoting the inclusion, accessibility and participation of people with disabilities in the social life of the Island in all its dimensions. “And, of course, in transversality, in the search for alternatives from the public administration, the joining of efforts from all areas of the island corporation to make these goals possible, together with the work of all civil society and the organizations that they work with this group “, he said.

Along the way, he highlighted how the “Connected X Nature” project is an innovative initiative that is progressing in this direction. “At the recent meeting of the Universal Accessibility Observatory of Gran Canaria, it became clear the need for this proposal to go beyond society as a whole, for which volunteering, training and reaching all corners of the island with the participation of the municipalities,” he assured. “This should be the outlet for a space where people who are prevented from doing so can enjoy nature and the extraordinary trails of our island with the means we present today.”

Isabelle Mena was in charge of detailing the keys to this initiative, which, as she pointed out, “does not imply a large investment, but it implies a complex coordination project that requires many volunteers who are willing to train and get involved in this proposal, which ensures that every Gran Canaria has access to all corners of the island”.

To achieve this, there are the first four “joëlette” chairs, two for adults and another two for boys and girls. “This is just the beginning and now we must continue to work on this coordination project to continue to grow and have more chairs on the Island to ensure that all activities and services provided by the Cabildo to citizens are inclusive,” he stressed.the adviser. “The desire of the Cabildo to continue acquiring materials is absolute and the only thing left is to move forward,” emphasized the councilor, who thanked the organization “Life is still positive” for its firm commitment to this project.

The representative of this entity, for its part, confirmed that “out of necessity we are moving to a new opportunity for all of us to be part of our island and be able to fully enjoy it.” He reported that the project will have a materials loan office and that by December between six and eight sessions of learning and enjoying the natural environment will be held in various locations.

Eduardo Martínez emphasized that they will try to carry out as many activities as possible in different aspects, such as the participation of wheelchairs in mountain or asphalt races, and invited the public of Gran Canaria to take the opportunity and be part of this project.

Thus, for the development of this proposal, from this Thursday until next Saturday, the 17th, the first 60 volunteers are already receiving training at Jardin Canarias to work with these chairs, after enrolling in the free four-hour courses . They are technicians from care centers for people with disabilities and the elderly on the island, students from training cycles related to sports practices and activities in nature, members of associations and members of families of people with disabilities.

Similarly, the program of the Cabildo “Gran Canaria Accesible” offers you walking routes that it will organize on the territory of the island to develop the program.

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