The Association of Sick Children from the Sanguesa Region wins the I…

The Councilor delegate of the Ministry of Culture Maria García-Barberena; the director of the social action area of ​​the Caja Rural de Navarra, Javier Martínez Lasa; the representative of ANECS, Oscar Arbeloa García; the group’s artistic director, Vicente Egea Insa; the singer, composer and journalist Javier Erro Alberdi and the president of La Pamplonesa Necane Solana Arocena.

Necane Solana is in charge of presenting the first edition of the “La Pamplona Solidarity Awards”. As he explained, this is “a project we have been working on for a long time and which fills us with hope”. The initiative “was born by the group itself to continue the social work we usually do.” The awards will be annual and the application period will begin in the months of January and February each year. Any association or project based in Navarre whose activity revolves around six different themes can attend: refugees and social projects in disadvantaged countries, environment, equality, health, people with disabilities and social integration.

The awards have the collaboration and support of the City Council of Pamplona-Irunha and the Caja Rural de Navarra through their social actions. Nekane thanked “both institutions in a special way for being able to carry out this project, allowing our music to be heard in the service of a good social cause. Thanks to the two institutions, this project saw the light. We believe and wish for it to have a long life and great acceptance and support among the public.”

The selection of this year’s winning company is the result of an internal process of submitting applications from the partners of “La Pamplonesa” at the beginning of the year and they were voted on at a general meeting.

ANECS, the Association of Sick Children of the Sangüesa Region, was the winner. The award, in addition to public recognition for the work done, consists of holding a charity family concert, the proceeds of which will be donated entirely to the benefit of their project and needs.

Nekane emphasized how complex the electoral process was “because of the interesting and necessary work done by all the associations represented”, which on this occasion were “Zaporeak”, “Second Family Valle de Egüés” and “Association Chornobyl Elkartea”. The president of the group wanted to publicly thank them for their dedication and involvement in improving the quality of life of so many people every day, wishing to be able to cooperate with them in the future. He also wanted to encourage the public “to participate in those initiatives where culture contributes to a good cause of solidarity” and other social entities “to participate in our next edition next year”.

The date chosen for the benefit concert is October 15 at 7:00 p.m. and the venue is the Gayarre Theater. La Pamplonesa will share the stage with Javier Erro, offering a program that includes the story “Pedro y el lobo” as well as a selection of songs with which to enjoy the talent of the young Navarre artist.

Maria García-Barberena took the floor next. The cultural councilor wanted to thank La Pamplonesa for the great artistic work it does for the city, giving as an example the last concert held with Orfeón Pamplonés, which “was spectacular”. He also highlighted the affection that Pamplona professes “which has a lot to do with the most social and human part of the group that never leaves, with concerts in hospital, homes for the elderly during a pandemic and which on this occasion leaves new to lights up on the occasion of the Awards”. He also thanked the Caja Rural de Navarra for their support in the implementation of the project, Javier Herro who joined and congratulated ANECS for the work they are doing.

For his part, Javier Martínez Lassa, director of Social Action at Caja Rural de Navarra, returned the gratitude to the group “for choosing us as companions in this project”, while congratulating it for its spirit of solidarity and for gave voice to a small enterprise in the Sangüesa region. He also took the opportunity to recognize the families that make up ANECS for their work in promoting health and quality of life, “because they are the real heroes.”

Oscar Arbeloa García, representative of the winning organization ANECS, expressed his gratitude for the choice of his association, which aims to help the 14 families with children with serious and rare diseases that make it up, providing them with technical and economic support and also and no less important “emotional and emotional support”. ANECS, based in Sangüesa, is financed thanks to the solidarity of neighbors who support with dedication and effort the campaigns organized to raise funds. These contributions make it possible to cover part of the purchase of medicines, equipment necessary for treatment, rehabilitation, neurorehabilitation, orthoses, travel to secondary hospitals outside the district community, etc.

Vicent Egea Insa, artistic director of the group, described the concert as “a family concert designed for the musical enjoyment of all ages and especially aimed at the young audience. We will offer a version of the musical fairy tale “Pedro y el Lobo”, narrated by Navarre artist Javier Herro, who will also participate as a singer with a small selection of pop songs”.

Javier Erro Alberdi, guest artist, began his speech by acknowledging the pride and challenge involved in participating in this project. Javier has great memories of other collaborations he has done with the band and has shown his desire for this project to get all the support it needs from the public.

Tickets for this concert, which will take place on October 15 at 19:00, can be purchased from today at the box office of Teatro Gayarre or through its website, at a price of €12 they will go entirely to association ANECS.

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