Sustainability turned into a prefab house

Plywood and a very low environmental impact allow to cabin designed by the couple architects Javier Mera and Diana Salvador be a true work of art capable of reaching the maximum simplicity possible while ensuring that you will be able to offer all the benefits of houses assembledwhere ecological materials, ease of construction, adaptable architecture, sustainability and excellent prices prevail.

Perfect for keeping hidden and disguised in dense greenery, this prefab home is a style dream minimalistic and be a lover of nature. An excellent living area of ​​40 square meters, ideally distributed over several levels and where it prevails, in addition to architecture assembledthe intimate contact with nature and her ability to use recycled materials.

The prefab house that can be recyclable and adaptable

A structure that is permitted to support a carbon footprint positive, as well as the real possibility of being built with materials that are absolutely recycled at the end of their useful life, design Let it be adaptable to the environment and in this case it is located in a natural area of ​​Puerto Quito, Ecuador. Its roof is designed to maintain an impressive slope for shelter in the living room, bedroom, bathroom and kitchen and where exclusive access via a rope ladder is included.

This pair of architects decided to undertake this miracle At home to enjoy direct contact with nature which they like so much and as an excellent den for disconnect and enjoy days of fun, in addition to being able to hire it when not in use. The main structure of the prefabricated house consists of panels Made by tree plywood, which are supported by stone-filled gabions, offering unrivaled protection against the floods, winds and rains common in the area where it was assembled.

spacious comfortable carbon footprint

For external coating Corrugated TetraPak sheets are used, which support production based on 70% polyethylene and 30% aluminum, both materials supporting the standards for 100% recycled. In addition, the pair of architects included a system of ventilation naturally within the design of the cabin roof and the execution of openings in its walls, effectively contributing to the elimination of the need to implement mechanical air conditioning, which in practice contributes even more to the environment.

Sustainability and friendly attitude towards the natural environment

The roof also supports another contribution and that is that it presents a layer coming home which can ideally be used to cover a skylight or skylight, managing to maintain precise control over management from illumination direct sunlight that the house can get inside, which can cooperate to cool the entire indoor area of ​​the prefab house, saving on air conditioning.

adaptable panels stone safe

The main idea behind creating this prefabricated house which allows direct contact with nature without spoiling it, was precisely to create a space that can be classified as a generator of romanticism and that manages to offer a real Connection with naturein the own words of the architects responsible for this creation.

A life full of simplicity to be surrendered in the chosen retreat and which contains only the bare minimum to be comfortable and in fact they have achieved it as well as full contact with nature by including outdoor shower amazingly installed on the main facade of the house and which is undoubtedly directly responsible for contributing to the feeling of immersion in the natural environment, thanks to maintaining a configuration through a glass cabin.

A prefabricated house with which to achieve direct contact with the environment in which it is installed and that although it does not yet support mass production, it is possible in a short time to fulfill this dream thanks to its large Benefits to suggest comfortto its phenomenal simplicity and to its excessive capacity to be a building that is friendly with average Environmentand it also allows the tenants to interact directly with the surrounding nature, while offering the inevitable benefits of prefab architecture that everyone loves so much.

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