Ranch Texas: 22 hectares of fun, good food and contact with nature

The Department of Atlantico is full of places to enjoy with the family and have the most fun. However, there is one place that is becoming increasingly popular because of all that it has to offer.

Is for ranch texasa space of 22 hectares located on La Cordialidad road, at the height of the municipality of Baranoa.

Adrenaline, fun, games, good gastronomy and close contact with nature, is what the site offers for Atlantic and Colombian families.

“Ranch was born first from a very childish restlessness of the heart, from that child that one carries within oneself, from the time of the old west, from all the films made in Columbia, and that memory has stayed with one. Me, the truth is, I enjoyed my childhood with the old west a lot, and I hardly had the opportunity to create a themed space, I thought I wanted to experience that from the old western movies, enjoy it and enjoy it.”he claims Ivan Reatigapartner and founder of ranch texasin dialogue with Zero zone.

The philosophy of this business is to provide an experience where children have the necessary comfort to enjoy.

“The numbers from the beginning, from a sales point of view, have been excellent. It’s always full. However, for the partners who accompanied me in this project, they are only now starting to see profits”Reatiga assured.

Ivan Reatiga, partner and founder of Ranch Texas.

He recalled the pandemic and that the project was located in an area where there was no natural gas, they were working with pimps and there was no food logistics.

“We had to build several warehouses, with several cold rooms, so that people can find fresh meat. There is no water and at the beginning we worked with pimpina and now we hired a company. We have a solar energy project because one of the goals is to be a benchmark for the environment, to be able to share with nature without harming it”he expressed.

He admitted that from the beginning the operating costs of the Ranch were extremely high, but little by little today they have natural gas, they will have purified water and very soon solar power.

Children have different spaces where they can have fun.


Ranch Texas offers a wide variety of attractions that guarantee fun, but also allow visitors to interact with nature without discomfort.

“When we started it was too dry, we managed to plant more than 700 trees”reported.

Children and their parents can share at various points in Ranch Texas.

“In addition to this, people will find all the attractions for all ages. We have developed a policy of giving each other feedback and today we offer entertainment for the whole family. There is a remarkable farm, several lakes that have been built, some extremely cold pavilions”he added.

The partners do not stop and are still very restless, so they are already venturing into the future and working with virtual technologies.

“With simulators, with animatronics, we believe that the zoo with wild animals and jungle animals will disappear. We will soon have a very special zoo for the community’Held.

Horse riding is one of the preferred activities.

Reatiga stated that the animals they currently have are part of an agreement we have with the Corporación Regional Autónoma del Atlántico, something extremely expensive.

“Each species requires a group of people who do not interact with other people so that there is no cross-contamination, the same with kitchens. Unfortunately, not all animals can be returned to nature. There are animals that have already lost their ability to hunt With reptiles, it’s easier to release them.”assured.

Contact with the animals is one of the favorite attractions.

In addition to the fun ranch texas gave work to 100 people in the parks of the municipalities of Baranoa and Galapa.

passion for horses

Ivan Reatiga is not just a member of texas ranch, but also takes part in one of the visitors’ favorite activitiesthe horse show.

“I’ve been passionate about horses since the days of the west. We train horses with love, with care, without abuse, with positive reinforcement, doing what they want from us, and getting them to a point where one task is rewarded and another is not, but there is never abuse. So animals eventually develop the ability to do what gives them pleasure, that’s the basis of our training.”assured.

Other spaces to enjoy with the family.

He explained that each horse, due to its characteristics, allows them to be used for certain types of skills.

“Rehearsals are a spectacle, once a week, because that’s where we fail, we doubt, and at one of these rehearsals we develop the activity. One of the things that cost us the most to get used to with horses is the play of lights. Low also disturbs them. The show is actually entertainment, so we’re putting it in front of an audience and giving it away for free.”he added.

Ivan Reatiga, partner and founder of Ranch Texas.

As a vision for the future, the Ranch Texas partner indicated that in the short term they hope to expand the parking lots to have a capacity of 700 cars.

“And the other thing we want is to improve the park. The capacity infrastructure, for a larger number of people, for people to have somewhere to walk and to have somewhere to sit. We have already contracted another 400 trees on an area of ​​22 hectares. We want this to be a completely green zone”he pointed out.

As a final message, he invited the citizens to have fun with their families ranch texaswhere children can develop this contact with nature without feeling uncomfortable.

Sandbox go-karts and spaces for tranquility.

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