Pablo Guede: “My life turns bad times around”

Paul Guede This is the proper name of the moment when it comes to Malaga’s current affairs. The figure of the Argentine coach is in question after the poor start to the pre-season and the shadow of impeachment already hung over him if you do not get a positive result next Monday in Tenerife (21:00). Some fans have already called for his departure after the latest defeat at home, and this Tuesday they turned up painted at La Rosaleda against his continuation in the post. The blue and white coach passed the Cope Malaga microphones and claims he feels empowered to turn things around: “My life is about falling and getting up.” “The club has priority over me, the day my players don’t give me everything in training is the moment I say enough is enough,” he explained.

external noise

“It’s very clear to me how it’s done, how it works, where the shots are going. Many times it is not as much as it seems. I’m not the one to judge if it’s too much or too little, there’s only one way. Focusing on the road is the important thing.”


«I found out yesterday (about Tuesday) at the last moment. Everyone can express themselves however they want and however they want. People who don’t know me, who don’t know how I am.

Connection with leaders

“They don’t need to change their relationship with me, they know how I am, how I manage. It’s all backwards. With Jose Maria, Manolo and the players there is complete unity because they are convinced of the work being done. It is a matter of following. Then the League will put you where you deserve to be.”

The patience of the fans

“If you tell me that fatigue has been at the club for 8 years, I am within that fatigue. You have to see where it comes from that people are tired. Last year was very difficult for everyone. But it was generated and could be reversed by what we did in the market. But from there until it works, it’s either very fast or it’s slow and finally it’s produced. I’m a restless ass and I study how teams were promoted. Girona rose, and on day 10 it was in decline.

Power to turn the tide

“My life turns bad times, very bad. Without paying a mortgage. That they put me in Malaga and turned it around. To go to Argentina after El Palo without pay and with three boys. It’s never been easy for me. In San Lorenzo I went 9 games without a win. In Kolo Kolo, it was also difficult… In Nekaxa, I was kicked out after five days. My life is up and down. And I work double or triple at what I do. That’s the only way to be successful.”

Fear for your position

“Football doesn’t wait. In the tenth game, Girona had 8 points and went up. They were waiting for Michelle. For the first time this year, Almeria did not fire the coach. He lost 4 in a row at one point. All these things it is easy to say that football does not wait and is result oriented. The club has an advantage over me that the day my players don’t give me their all in training is the time to say enough is enough. But this is one of the best workgroups I’ve had in my career. It really “pisses” me off that players go through this because we don’t get the reward.

Match in Huesca

“In Huesca we had two shots on goal. I don’t mean to sound like an excuse. We kick and it hits the crossbar, or someone heads it. Sometimes it comes out and the result is against, and other times it is for. This is football, this is a game where you win, draw and lose. It’s our turn to lose.

The mood of the template

“A lot of times people have this fear of failure to escape from success. My message to the players is that the more you fail, the closer you are to success. Because the other alternative is to stand still. We have to keep trying, follow the way the players are going. I have no doubt or lack of confidence. I understand they don’t agree because they have to repeat what people think because we won five games. I saw them today (yesterday) spectacular. You should have swallowed poison on Sunday.”

play with the extremes

“The problem is they don’t know me. They make things up as I don’t like to play with extremes. I played with extremes, without them, in checkers, with three… I played in all kinds of ways. It’s a lie that I don’t play with extremes. The three teams that were promoted last year did so by basing their play on the inside. How many clean wings are there in La Liga? Which team in Spain plays only with wings? Most who play on the wings have attacking full-backs. Any team you see as extremes is closed to you. Offense and defense were barbaric. If these players can play outside and inside, that’s a plus for me. Did the best Málaga in history, which is Pellegrini’s, have clean wings? Villalba and Febas can play on the left and right. Gallar played inside when he was promoted with Huesca. He does very well on the outside, but that’s the versatility of the team. Haitam, extremely clean. You boiled, extremely clean…»

Template settings

“I’m not coming to ask for anything, I repeat. Manolo said this. We made a diagram together. He picked the players, brought in the options and at some point we agreed on what we wanted from the team. Manolo is the sports director and I am the coach. They will find no difference between the two because there was none.

Ultimatum in Tenerife?

“I don’t know. It depends on me? So I don’t worry about things that don’t depend on me. We all want it to be fixed. In all parts of the world and Malaga is no exception, there are people who look after their own interests. And rejoices when the other is wrong.

changing the idea of ​​the game

“One is the system and the other is the idea. If I say let’s all go up and then in the second game we appear hanging from the beam, my idea changes. It is true that I spent most of the summer with a line of three and my central defenders were injured. This varies but is normal. I’m trying to change the system. But without trying to lose the idea I have. They know I like to attack. We are the team in La Liga that finishes the most on goal. Then we might not put it. The room that recovers the most in the opposite field ».


“There are injuries that cannot be avoided. Burgos is impossible to avoid. It fell to the ground and broke. Bustinza was sitting down, took off his boot with his foot and injured himself. Ramalho’s situation is that if they had gone 3-4 like him, I would have been on my toes. Lewis is a process. I think he has been on the cross for 8 months, the body is decompensated. It changes your career, your leg strength… Pablo Chavarria, just trying to get started. I have no problem saying that the problem is with me with the preparation, but it is not reality.


“Juande didn’t play with me last year. We started the pre-season well and without training with the group we picked it up bit by bit. There was discomfort, we solved it and the match with Cadiz stopped. It needs trust. And so it is when you are physically fit. Huangde’s stuff is normal. We can’t pretend it’s the same as last year. Fran Villalba is the one who went blind at Sporting. The average pre-season, the stress is coming, he arrived here with a little bit left, we put him in a little bit, we have to put him in good shape physically.

Fan songs

“If it came out, I would shout it out as it came out to people. But if he turns it around, I’d applaud him. But there is a difference that I will always want him to win and it will not hurt the club. They know the situation I got into. For me, the first thing is the club. And if he could see that I was hurting him, there would be no problem. The feeling of Jose Maria, Manolo and the staff is to keep working. This should come out. We must continue.”

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