Lucky 13: They got married after 20 years and will now live in Floripa

Flawless, very elegant and accompanied by family and friends, Claudia (age 50) and Luis (age 56) got married yesterday morning in the Single Room of the Provincial People’s Registry, sealing twenty years of unconditional love and on Tuesday the 13th putting themselves in front of all popular superstitions with good vibes and positive energy. The couple is celebrating with their closest friends and this weekend will go to Florianópolis, the capital of the state of Santa Catarina (Brazil), where they decided to settle down to write a new chapter in their love story.

There were only two couples who were encouraged to marry yesterday in Posadas and the myth that goes: “Tuesday the 13th, don’t marry and don’t board”, in the case of Claudio and Luis, there was no obstacle to the civil union between the two, on a day when the full sun did not overshadow a radiant bride.

Five years ago we talked and said that when we turned twenty as a couple we would get married on the first Tuesday the 13th. So when this year came we remembered the promise we had made and although we had other plans and projects this began to take shape.” he began to tell Claudia FIRST EDITION.

The new wife said she makes dresses and Louis, custom furniture. “We are quite playful and once went to Tierra del Fuego where we lived for five years. After that we decided to go live in Brazil not out of necessity but to change because we both work and are well, my partner on his side and me on mine. We decided to leave everything and start a new dream“, he confided.

Regarding the search for the Tuesday the 13th shift and finalizing the marriage, Claudia said that “when we went there wasn’t a busy shift, we even had the pleasure of changing the schedule and all that because there were no others interested at that time. September 6th was my birthday, I turned 50, and September 7th was our 20th anniversary, so we looked for the first Tuesday the 13th that was coming up and it coincided with that”.

In this sea of ​​emotions generated by adjusting all the details of the wedding, Claudia remembered that “On Saturday we found out my ID card was missing, first we went into chaos and then we said it will be solved like many others who are adjusting so that each of the projects we have can be done. Since we had already submitted all the documents, we were able to get married and hopefully the new ID will arrive before the weekend so we can travel.”.

“Everything will be fine”

The brand new couple will leave this weekend for Florianópolis, the new place they have chosen to live. “Our house will be here. The celebration will be family, with lunch after the civil, the most intimate for a pleasant timeClaudia said.

Also as a message he pointed out that “we always tell people that what paralyzes is fear, but dreams and projects come true when the time comes, as long as one does one’s part“.

Everyone asks us if we are leaving for work and we say no, that it is because we have made this decision, as always and that it may not have been easy, but everything leads you to the fulfillment of your dreams. Many times the path is not easy or simple, you have to be encouraged and then everything flows”.

The place where they will settle will be Praia dos Ingleses, in the north of the island of Florianópolis, “We don’t have a house and a job like when we went to live in Tierra del Fuego. We leave and are sure to start working what we like, we don’t have anything set or structured, but if one is in a good mood, things flow and go wellhe concluded.

“We didn’t expect so much excitement”

Claudia also talked about the feelings she felt after the decision to get married after so many years and exactly on Tuesday, the 13th. “When we started to get married, everything was calm, but as we told our relatives, my father or my mother, but if several brothers, We were surprised by the reaction after twenty years of being a couple, the emotion and joy with which everyone took the news to the point that there were tears when we told them we were getting married”.

He added that “Everything was so beautiful, telling every family member about this decision that filled us with so much love that to this day we can’t believe it, everything was joy and these things are not expected, maybe because of the time we spent together“.

Demonstrations of those closest to us filled us with love with actions, helping us, it makes us both very emotional every moment we talk, remembering how everyone reacted when we told them”.

“An example of courage to do more”

In the specific story of Claudia and Luis, the professionalism of Alejandro Cabrera (hairstylist) and Mariana Chamorro (makeup artist) also appears, who took care of every detail of the bride so that she arrived magnificently to formalize her relationship.

Claudia has been my client for years and this is a very special love story. It happens that many people leave the country complaining or afraid to embark on a new course, but their story is completely different because they embark on a new adventure at an age where a person who is already 30 years old says “no , I’m not going to do that at this point in my lifeAlexander pointed out.

He recalled that “when Claudia told me about her decision I was moved to tears and I take her as an example to encourage more”.

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