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From self-love to polyamory to asexuality: love in all its forms has a place in ways to lovethe new podcast of journalist Sol Alonso, where we will discover the many ways to love today. Soundthe Amazon company and global distributor of quality digital audio entertainment content, In this way, it again bets on quality and innovative content with this new Audible Original format, which is now available.

The podcast consists of 12 episodes that collect real testimonies, told in the first person and that listeners will be able to enjoy from the hand of the creator and narrator of this project, Sol Alonso, who after a long journey in the journalistic world, immerses himself for the first time in an adventure of this caliber. Demonstrating the wide variety of ways of love we can experience in the 21st century, paying attention to new and diverse kinds of love outside the monogamous couple we all know is the essence of this sonic journey. Real people telling their own testimonies, their stories, their battles, their love affairs and their conquests, give the necessary credibility to this project that will not leave anyone indifferent.

Beyond Relationships, this audio documentary explores all the forms of love that currently exist in society, sometimes unknown to the general public, but more common than we think. To do this, more than forty real voices are the main characters who give life and build the content of this sound documentary about love from their own experiences and experiences with a close, honest tone and without any cover.

A different podcast and not suitable for prejudice, ways to love, It is designed for you to enjoy, discover and learn about the different concepts of love, being loved and being loved that we live in right now in this society of constant change.

“Ways of Love” is already available exclusively on Audible and is part of the catalog of more than 100,000 original audiobooks and podcasts, of all kinds of genres and formats, which can be listened to unlimitedly for a subscription of only €9.99 per month. Audible offers a 30-day free trial for new users and a 3-month free trial for Amazon Prime members, with the option to cancel at any time.

episodes”ways to love

  • Episode 1: self love Long live brides!

Mae Serrano, a performer and activist, was the bride in a marriage without a husband. To his confused guests, he proclaimed, yes, I love myself! and the photo report was taken care of by her boyfriend, who did not step on the altar. Other women imitated her and tell us her story: how you love yourself, no one will love you.

  • Episode 2: Asexuality. A lot of love and a little sex

I don’t feel like you. Until 2013, lack of sexual appetite was considered a reversible pathology with aggressive hormonal treatment. Asexuals were queer, celibate or restricted. This is what the asexual Adela, Josep and Clara say, clinical psychologist Inma Amador also confirms.

Not to be confused with polysex or punctual orgies. Speaking of polyamorous political, anti-patriarchal and feminist references arise in a practice also called rhizomic love, it consists of loving two or more others without being crazy. The best: cuckolds are not welcome in polyamory.

Comedian Albert Boyra is a very transparent bisexual who doesn’t change sidewalks because he’s on the roundabout. Ways to love like those of A mother who, watching Dirty Dancing, didn’t know how to kiss Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey. Answer? Dance with both in turn, keeping the circles well closed.

  • Episode 5: capable of loving

Juanjo lost his sight as a child, but his big sky-colored eyes made Jose, her husband, an intellectually retarded and happy man, fall in love. Diana and Andy, both troubled, were truly in love. Vulnerable people who live love and other emotions with the same intensity as others.

  • Episode 6: Swinger couples. Love with four hands.

My soul is yours, but my body can be shared as long as you see it, approve it, and enjoy the exchange. They are liberal couples who share sexual antics to make each other want more, just to have a good time without cheating. The antidote of ceopathy.

  • Episode 7: porn at home

Seduction, rubbing, moaning, fluid exchange, penetrations and other forms of overt sex that are pure theater. The professionals of the adult film industry slink off when they’re done shooting and claim a trade with as many consumers as critics.

  • Episode 8: shopping with pleasure

Just three years after Franco’s death, Spain’s first sex shop opened in Barcelona with just a few condoms and some lube. 40 years later, Kitsch, in a different location but with Adeline Arànega always at the helm, is an elegant store with more than 3,000 references for pleasure.

  • Episode 9: my partner is gay

When Sandra stumbled upon a chat where her daughters’ father was flirting with a 25-year-old surfer, she thought it was scripted. Tanya’s husband accused her of abuse to hide his homosexuality. 30 years and three kids since I met you, have you ever wanted me?

  • Episode 10: fucking loves

“It hurt me more to love than to charge,” says Georgina Orellano, a prostitute, writer, activist, and feminist, talking about her ways of loving. Testimonies of prostitutes who are not looking for a prince charming to buy them off, but someone to love them for who they are.

  • Episode 11: LAT Couples: Together but not mixed

When routine walks in the door, love jumps out the window. LAT, (Life together). Better forever boyfriends than fighting over who takes out the trash. nerds? Independent? Lovers of solitude? defenders of each at home, they assure that their formula is going great.

  • Episode 12: How long does eternal love last?

Sometimes the days of love are numbered, while others enjoy a kind of battery life, even as the frequency of sex decreases. It is not easy to explain the formula that fuels the desire to love. Luck, respect, compatibility… Fill in the ellipses.

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