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As experts in the beauty industry and with extensive knowledge of vegan and cruelty-free products, today we present three makeup options to make you look unique for the love of your life or a date with your best friend.


This day is all about loving your friends or that special someone. For spectacular lips, we must first take care of them, as they are more delicate than the skin of the face, as they are affected by changes in weather and lack of hydration.

Look for a sugar-based scrub with moisturizing ingredients. LIP SMOOTH CARE SCRUB FOR LIPS on CATRICE, based on salt and sugar, will leave a delicate lime scent nourishing chapped lips. The texture with shea butter, vitamin E and coconut oil provides a radiant and healthy look. For beautiful, soft lips with a touch of freshness!

Since your lips are done, huh must what cannot be missing on the eve of such a romantic and fun meeting is a lipstick that emphasizes density and delivers that volume we all want, but naturally and without interventions. To achieve this goal, essence It gives us two unmistakable options:

Another product that will leave your lips with more volume and finish glossy perfect for any occasion due to the variety of colors it is exceptional shine volume lip gloss.

Beauty should: Remember before applying lip liner starting from the center outwards. Try it soft and precise LIP PENCIL.

“Less is more”: This is probably the best beauty trick you can think of because sometimes a good eyeliner at the bottom of your eyes and a few coats of mascara will give you that perfect look without much effort.

For more depth, apply a few more layers of LASH CHANGER VOLUME MASCARA. The name says it all: this mascara takes the “eyelash game” to a whole new level because it combines everything, see perfect eyes. Easy to apply thanks to the cone-shaped fiber brush. It will provide a sensational effect and powerful volume and perfectly separated eyelashes, without clumps.

Don’t forgive a few missing eyebrows. Dominate them with the baby has a forehead! eyebrow pencil. With its triangular pencil, it is ideal for gently framing the eyebrows, drawing fine lines or enhancing the look. Suitable for daily use with its waterproof and long-lasting formula. Best of all, it allows you to blend the texture perfectly.

To make your face the star of any dinner or night out with your closest friends, give it a subtle, flawless effect. start with CHOOSE YOUR Glow Highlighter Palette on essence. With three shades that will provide you with a perfect look for any occasion. The lighter shade is very natural for outfits during the day, while bronzer is perfect for touch summer Brilliant shades for any party makeup. Its powdery presentation makes it easy to smudge.

  • What a fake! Lip filler $17,900.
  • extreme shine volume lio gloss $11,900.
  • soft and precise LIP PENCIL 6200 dollars.
  • CHOOSE YOUR Glow Highlighter Palette $29,900.
  • BABY GOT BROWS! eyebrow pencil $18,500.

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