her great love story with Juan Carlos Dual

Diana Magee and Juan Carlos Dual met in 1969. Both clearly remembered the first time they saw each other: Dual standing in the doorway of the Astral Theater with fellow actor Joe Rigoli and director Onofre Lovero, all members of the comedy The story of twine.

The three waited for Maggie’s arrival and talked about her, whom they did not know. “Che, this mine is half piantada, isn’t it?” Dual asked. Conciliatory, Rigoli and Lovero told him it was not, that “it is a good mine, calm as water in a tank, though a little extroverted, like a good tanager.”

Maggie and Dual.

Just at that moment a car pulled up in a double row on Corrientes Avenue and out of it got out a furious woman with burning eyes, a cricket in her hand, ready to become a blunt weapon and her voice overflowing with insults in a scream because a man had tried to occupy the place she chose to park.

“What,” Duale asked, “isn’t that girl Diana Magee?” Joe Rigoli looked away and muttered, “I think so.”

getting to know each other

After rehearsals began, Diana Magee continued to accumulate merit to disprove those who labeled her as a quiet woman. According to Dual, “I brought a tape recorder to learn some songs that were played at work, and when I went to turn it on, she confronted me, ‘Why are you putting the tape recorder on?’ Please take it out’. I immediately thought: “What kind of rehearsal are we going to do? Let’s have it!”.

After the recorder was already put away, and after he gave her a look that did not offend, Diana discovered that she did not like Juan Carlos at all; exactly the opposite.

Juan Carlos Dual with Diana Magee.

Juan Carlos Dual with Diana Magee.

“Chills started running down my back. It was like falling in loveso I started to moderate my lifestyle because I had treated him badly in the beginning,” recalls the actress.

From that moment on she devoted her gaze to him, penetrating, suggestive, almost inviting to share something more than hours of work. He seemed unrecognized for a whole month, until one day he decided to invite her to coffee.

“He talked to me about theater, about literature, and then he took me home,” recalls Diana. Later, there were more coffees, dinners, the odd cinema, but never a hand, a hug, a caress. He wants to be my friend, she thought. But he was wrong: Dual took the time to study the pitch he wanted to play on. After two months of flirting, he decided to call it quits.

“I invited her to dance at the bowling alley that was in front of River’s court and that was the day our romance began“, he recalled in an old interview with Clarion.

At first it was yes, no, that I need a little more time to myself, that I want to be with you all the time and you don’t feel the same…

Juan Carlos lived alone and the nights in which he united us with his friends were few. Incredulous, afraid that her boy would leave in the arms of another, she called him on the phone at two, three, four in the morning. He never answered or rather was never home to answer calls. The next day he told her he had gone out to buy cigarettes and Diana wanted to eat it raw.

“We dated for a year and a half, then we broke up for two, we had an idyll again for a year, we distanced ourselves for another three years, and finally in 1976 we decided to live together to the hut of General Paz and Tres de Febrero, in Nuñez”.

opposite poles

She was cheerful, sparkling, pure dynamite. Instead, he was introverted, reflective, much more serious and a “bastard,” as he put it. She was from Boca, he from River. Maggie and Dual were sort of the “unequal couples” paradigm. the attraction of oppositesThe Bible and the heater.

Juan Carlos Dual.

Juan Carlos Dual.

They never married and had no children., but they accepted it as a simple circumstance of life. “We don’t believe in religious ceremonies. There is a far more important commitment of words between us than law or rites,” he maintained and she agreed.

They have worked together on several occasions, such as plays to tell lies Y Are you here for the announcement?in addition to television programs such as weddings etc.

Economically, they have always run independently, each with their own checking account. “It’s all spread out because if something ever happens to us as a couple, we don’t want it to be a problem. She also knows that what’s mine is hers, and I know that what’s hers is mine,” explained Juan Carlos.

He added: “I don’t like well-to-do women because sometimes they stay with their partner just because they have nowhere to go. It’s not our case because she’s always worked, but we’ve always thought it’s best for each of them to manage the money you are.”

love and admiration

According to Diana Magee, “Juan Carlos is one of a kind. He is part of a race of men that is now extinct. He is polite, respectful, a gentleman. I am deeply in love with him.”

More reserved and less demonstrative, Juan Carlos simply added: “The feeling is mutual.” And he emphasized that during all the years of cohabitation, they never crossed an insult. “Respect is fundamental. Between two people who love each other, there can be no violence. If I’m angry about something, the most I raise my voice. We have discussions, but never with claws out.”


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