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From September 9 to 13, Paris collected more than 29,000 specialists in a new congress of European Society of Medical Oncology (ESMO) to offer a revolutionary perspective in the fight against crabwhich allows to multiply by Life expectancy to the people who suffer from it. So ESMO reflected that after years as a future promise, finally immunotherapy emerges as the undisputed queen of cancer treatment. These are some of the conclusions that Xavier Magraner analyzes in the chronicle of this event for the “Oncology Podcast”.

The immunotherapyon personalized medicine and on cell therapies rise as new trident against this type of disease, offering more efficient and even leaving behind chemotherapy.

In this edition of ESMO the different pavilions where documentsnamed after characteristic French towns, were in practice from early morning overcrowded. The lung cancer and on Liver cancer They are two of the diseases that have made the most progress at ESMO. The treatment adjuvant and the combination of new drugs is already a de facto progress that allows the improvement of Life expectancy from the patients. Dolores Islandhead of the Office of Medical Oncology at Lozano Blessa Clinical Hospitalrecalls that “some types of lung cancer affect central nervous system, and 90 percent of patients were disease-free at four years was achieved. Therefore, this is a huge impact on quality of life patients that have not been achieved so far.

On the other hand, there were many discussions where specialists from different European countries met to present theirs point of view for different diseases and how to manage general road map. One of these meetings was connected with Liver cancer Y Bruno Bleedcoordinator of the Hepatobiliopancreatic Oncology department of University Clinic Navarrestates that this disease has passed from suffering atherapeutic nihilism with patients to achieve the best treatment for each patient.” Immunotherapy is no longer an alternative of chemotherapy but turned into royal road to combat this type of disease.

In conjunction with breast cancerhighly discussed during the ESMO Congress in light of the latest developments presented at American Society of Medical Oncology Congress (ASCO), the hormone field takes center stage in patients previously treated with triple-negative hormones. As said Javier Cortez at ESMO, director of the International Breast Cancer Center (Ibcc), “we are facing a new therapeutic option for a group of patients who have received at least two lines of chemotherapy in the metastatic setting”.

ESMO sets the pace for oncology in Europe

The ESMO Congress held in the City of Light confirms once again the potential of the European Society at the global level, remaining as the largest center of knowledge in oncology on the Old Continent. The illusion personified throughout the convention was Andres Cervantesnext president of ESMO from January, who recalled that “Europe is turning to cancer and in January the first projects that are part of European plan against cancer. We are sure that cancer mortality can be reduced by 30 percent at the end of this decade.

Spain, a barrier to oncological innovation

Despite presenting trials with some survival figures unseen before, there is a great visible skepticism in ESMO among Spanish oncologists that these therapies will be implemented in our country. “There is no access to innovation in Spainon Ministry of Health it doesn’t endorse many treatments and it’s a moral problem when you’re faced with a patient with few therapeutic options, the decisions increase and the therapeutic positioning report doesn’t endorse it,” he affirms Andres Munoz Martinassistant physician in the Office of Medical Oncology at Gregorio Marañón University Hospital.

This Achilles’ heel, established in Spain for a long time according to several oncologists involved in ESMO, is gaining enormous importance recoil As for the mass arrival of innovative treatments approved in Europe and is already used in most countries of the European Union. This barrier to science, as many Spanish ESMO specialists acknowledged, “must fall as soon as possible”.

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The immunotherapy begins before and after within oncology following the edition of ESMO held in Paris, as it already offers great results in Europe for diseases arising from the specialty. The chemotherapy undertakes, after years of monopolizing the approach to cancer, a background. Spain must now decide whether to join innovative car or, conversely, stay in a eternal nihilism.

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