David Ascanio, Laura Sanchez’s husband, triumphs doing musical bowling in Madrid: all the details

The marriage formed by the model Laura Sanchez (41) and the businessman David Ascano (47) has been one of the strongest on the national scene since they said “I do” in 2018. Not only did they manage to keep unbroken love since their lives crossed in 2009, they have also tried their luck with their joint business, Bloomers and bikinisswimwear brand with which unparalleled success.

Although one fine day they decided to take the step forward to merge professionally and business, Laura Y David count on a lofty and successful life apart. She, as a model and businesswoman; and he, as a singer. In fact, in January 2022, Ascanio officially introduced his own music group, Pococo’s group. After a long time, he works in his home studio, located in the center of Madrid, with his bandmates, the translator make the surprise.

today, THE SPANIARDS learn details about what David Ascanio’s current life as a singer is like. According to the information used by this medium, every Thursday, at twelve o’clock at night, Ascanio and his group, composed of himself, Peter Roncero, Oscar Alonso, mr python, Danny Criado Y Tolo Pueio– They perform at the Aurora Madrid Bar-Restaurant, located on Avenida Alberto de Alcocer, in Madrid. They are doing one of their weekly music concerts.

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“He gives a lot show and takes pictures with anyone who approaches him. He is super nice and he is seen as the protagonist of the group“, an eyewitness enjoying his music informed this newspaper. According to this source, the night at Aurora Madrid starts as a typical restaurant, but around twelve o’clock the transformation begins for the music session. “David and his team have created a very cool atmosphere and the evening was a lot of fun“, they add.

The couple, who currently have no children in common, got married on June 29, 2018 in a civil union in his hometown of Tenerife. The ceremony included a very special witness: the international model’s daughter, Naya Free time (16), resulting from his first and convulsive relationship with Aitor free time (Four five). According to what they slipped to this newspaper, David Ascanio and young Naya have an excellent relationship. She, in full adolescence, lives “very sweet moment“On a sentimental level, it’s detailed.

Wedding in a public act in Madrid, in May 2019.


The lovers decided on this important step in their lives after nine years of intense courtship. The couple began their love story in 2011, a year after Laura and the footballer split. Aitor free time. They met in 2009 when mutual friends introduced them and decided to start a relationship. Nevertheless, his was not in love.

He revealed it himself years ago in an interview for the newspaper The provinces: “I met Laura one night at a journalist friend’s birthday party. I hesitated a bit and she left. Shortly after, returning from a trip, I met her again. And this time I was the one who left. There was a third date and nothing. But the fourth time was the charm.” Por now the couple does not think about joint childrenand is happy with his pets.

War with Aitor

In 2019, the moneyless war broke out between the former couple formed by Laura and Aitor Ochio. As they both decided to separate, the lack of understanding was embedded in their lives irrevocably and this year there is a violent confrontation between the two over their common daughter Naya. The former footballer published a statement on his Instagram account, in which he announced that for reasons beyond his control he was forced to delete all photos in which he appears with his daughter.

According to him, both he and his daughter were Very sorry of Sanchez’s drastic determination, as all snapshots posted by Ocio were approved and agreed upon by the minor. Despite the sadness with which he broke the news, Aitor dismissed the text with a heartfelt message that showed father and daughter more united than ever in the face of disaster: Our photos have been deleted, but no one can erase our smiles. Naya and Dad“.

The truth is that then it was not the first time that the former marriage entered into a confrontation for privacy of little Naya. In 2014, one of the most violent clashes took place between them, when the former model posted the following on his social network: “My daughter is 7 years old, her father uploaded more than 40 photos of her to RRSS without her mother’s consent ( which I am) except as permitted by law. AndI’m tired of using Naya for her self promotion Father for example‘. SHARED CUSTODY includes respect for the parents’ opinion. Where is the protection of minors here?

Days later, Laura was sincere: “I’m not angry, it wasn’t a hothead, it’s a reality I’ve lived for many years, which has been tested in many ways, even judicially, and which I had no choice but to use the same tool.” line the model assured that she did not open Pandora’s box we’re talking about it publicly for the first time: “I have been silent for many years and I will remain silent., my personal life is my personal life, I’m tired of reading rants and haven’t logged in, custody…”.

relationship and heartbreak

The famous couple met in mid-2004. At that time, Aitor was playing for FC Sevilla, Laura’s favorite team. Aitor and Laura were first seen together in Rocio’s pilgrimage to the same year and thus their love was sealed. Two years later, Aitor and Laura announced the arrival of their first baby together. Despite the fact that Naya appeared in their lives and brought happiness and joy, in March 2009 they decided to separate.

Laura Sanchez and Aitor Osio during their relationship.

Laura Sanchez and Aitor Osio during their relationship.


The couple released a statement announcing their separation. Then Laura assured that they would get along cordially for the sake of the little girl, but the problems would not be long in coming. In 2011, the former model tells the bombshell news: the relationship with Aitor is not as good as it seemed. The footballer asked for full custody of the baby girl, claiming that the model is not doing her job as a mother as she lives between Bilbao, Madrid and Seville. After that accusation, nothing was ever the same between them.

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