Cespirito and Florinda Meza: this was their love story

Love story of Cespirito and Florinda Meza
Florinda fell in love with a married man and it was not easy for her. Photo: Getty Images

Florinda Roberto Gómez Bolaños “Chespirito” was also about to get married I had been married for 20 years when it became clear that there was something more between them than professional relationships. The romance the actors had in the 1970s was the beginning of a love story marked by criticism and the decision not to have children.

The actress, translator of Doña Florinda, Chimoltrufia and other characters from the “Chespirito” shows, told several episodes of her relationship with the comedian. According to their accounts, by Roberto’s decision they had no children and she had to accept his arguments.

The love story of “Chespirito” and Florinda Meza

Florinda Meza and “Chespirito” they met in the 70s during the recording of “El Chavo del 8”, after five years of working together game of seduction on his part, which gained strength when she became engaged to another man.

Roberto Gómez Bolaños was 20 years older than Florinda and besides being married to Graciela Fernández, he had 6 children when his relationship with the translator Popis also began to change.

on one occasion Carlos Villagran “Cuico” revealed that he came to ask Bolaños for advice on how to deal with the romance he had with Florinda Meza, which was fleeting, and the producer advised him to end the courtship to prioritize his career.

According to what Florinda talked about, Roberto took action when he found out she was getting married and started sending her flowers every day. She did this no matter where she was and less so if she was accompanied by a suitor.

The dynamic would go on for so long and affect Florinda so much that when the director and writer stopped doing it, she discovered she was in love. The panorama was not easy for him to accept because “Chespirito” was married.

“I could not believe that I, such a prudent and intelligent woman, who always believed that love should be from the heart, without stopping to think with my head, could fall in love with a married man”

Florinda said in an interview

  • Florida also shared that “Chespirito” made her little drawings, poems and songs like the song “Different” he wrote for her because he told her she was a different woman

“Chespirito” and Florinda Meza’s first kiss

The couple gave his first kiss on October 12, 1976 on tour in Chile. She remembers that he asked her about her married life and from that moment their love story was born, which kept them together for 40 years.

“If you have a marriage, you have children, and your wife is kind and good, why do you do all the things you do?”

Florinda asked

“I don’t know, I just sometimes feel like my life is empty, I feel like something is missing. Sometimes I need someone to kiss me or kiss someone”

Robert replied

“If you want to kiss someone, kiss me”

Florinda continued

The actress admitted that she set the tone for this kiss and in this regard pointed out in the Argentinian program “Morphy all at the table” that “I have never felt a kiss that turned me on”.

Criticism of their romance

By 1977, the romance between Roberto and Florinda was already public in that year as well Carlos Villagran had given up on “Chavo del 8”, the same as Ramon Valdes. The actress was blamed for the program’s losses as she was already a producer and had the power to decide the series.

In addition to Chespirito’s breakup with famous neighborhood stars, Florinda faced accusations and accusations of being a “husband stealer” over the end of the comedian’s marriage and he was even criticized for abandoning his children.

Meza indicated that she told Roberto in a conversation that she didn’t want to be just another woman and since they were together they lived for each other.

The two lived under the same roof for 29 years and after that period got married on November 19, 2004.

Why did Florinda Meza and Cespirito have no children?

Florinda Meza admitted this to the “First Hand” show she wanted to be a motherHowever, “Chespirito” decided not to give birth to offspring, although he always let her know that he loved her very much.

“He told me that if there was a conflict between the half-brothers, he would not tolerate it, because he did not tolerate the idea that the half-brothers did not love the supposed “bastard”, he asked me not to put him in this dilemma “


Bolaños’ widow added that her husband’s arguments did not seem selfish to her, despite the fact that she had offered to have a child.

“I always wanted it and offered it to him without insisting. When it was still possible (I told him), he answered me what I thought was a very romantic, very human answer. I didn’t see him as selfish, I loved him for who he was, I joined him knowing we couldn’t have children. He told me that children are loved through the mother and that he loved me as he loved me, my son would be his adoration and that he could not bear the burden of guilt that he loved others less.


“Chespirito” died at the age of 85 On November 28, 2014, due to heart failure, he succumbed to Parkinson’s disease, which eventually took a toll on his health.

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