Carolina Molinari: “I’m open to love, but I wouldn’t leave everything for one man”

Carolina Molinari (Photos: Gabriel Machado)

He spent 14 years with the football player Mariano Pavonefather of her children Bruno (12 and Frieda (eight). And as often happens with the wives of footballers, all this time her career was subordinated to that of her husband. However, in mid-2020. Caroline Molinari confirmed his split with current striker Kilmes. And since then, he decided to put all his energy into his own professional growth. You did not prevent, these days he decided to make a dead end in his activities to enjoy a week’s vacation in Miamifrom where he talks to TV show of his sentimental present and future work.

Did you travel with your children?

-yes I hadn’t taken them on holiday since before the pandemic, so I wanted to come with them, taking advantage of the fact that they have a few school holidays in September.

Carolina Molinari is enjoying her vacation in Miami
Carolina Molinari is enjoying her vacation in Miami

“And what are you doing?” Because for mothers, it is sometimes exhausting to be in another place with the children…

-Very good. One of my sisters also came and I always travel with a person who is with us. So we’re having a great time. The boys are very well behaved. Fortunately, they are both very calm. And they are already at an age where, as small as they are, they are a little more independent. So while they are demanding, the truth is they do pretty well on their own.

– What plans do you have when you return to Buenos Aires?

In the summer I went to us in the morningthe program of Chicken Alvarezto replace Sun Perez. I was there for about three weeks and the truth is that I liked it because it was something different. I was almost three years inside You have to see and in cycles that addressed the show or that were satellites of Dancing or Singing. And it was the first time I was able to do something topical, so I saw it as a challenge. And I recently spent two weeks inside D-momentthe magazine of Fabian Doman, which is quite similar. I liked it too. In addition, in December he had entered M: I was a “little angel” until the end of the program The thirteen.

Carolina Molinari, produced by Gabriel Machado
Carolina Molinari, produced by Gabriel Machado

– Is it your idea to focus on journalism?

-yes I actually studied law. I started at the Catholic University and when I started as a model I went to Morón because I’m from Ramos Mejía and that was the only way to get there with the castings. But in my house you had to study and work. So I completed my studies, but I didn’t graduate. Although the knowledge still serves me. I actually used them when I was dealing with my ex-husband’s contracts. But I never thought about completing my degree because I don’t want to practice as a lawyer either.

“And would you like to study communication?”

-Actually yes. And maybe it will. Because I am interested in programs that have current events. What I’m after is driving. But I always understood that everything should be done step by step. And since I started working at 18, I started little by little. I am very rower.

— Are you interested in opening doors abroad?

— I lived in Spain for three years and worked for a while in television there. I always knew that modeling would serve me to some extent. And at some point I got tired of it because even though it’s not talked about, there’s also a lot of abuse in this area…

Caroline Molinari
Caroline Molinari

“Even more so a few years ago!”

-Of course. So when an opportunity arose to work in Fox SportsI gave up modeling completely. Later I got married and moved to Madrid, so I looked for an agent there, with whom I was able to do a few things in fiction. And then I stayed on the panel in a very watched program called Save me, during the World Cup in 2010. And it was a nice experience. What happens is that when you’re married to a football player, you live up to your husband. And even though it was a cycle I was a fan of, when he went back to play on loan in Argentina, I had to go back with him.

— The life of a shoemaker is not so easy…

– Totally! I did a couple of programs that were great, and I had to go right back. But now my idea is to work in Argentina, where I live with my children and where I want to live forever.

– Are you alone too?

-yes, I haven’t been in a relationship with anyone since I broke up.

“But you broke up a long time ago…”

– Two years and a half.

“I guess you should go out and have fun, right?”

Yes, but I didn’t have an official relationship.

Carolina Molinari claims to be alone on a sentimental level, bar none
Carolina Molinari claims to be single on a sentimental level, without any ‘official relationship’

“By your choice, or because no one is showing up who deserves you to leave the bachelorette?”

“At first I wasn’t too open, maybe without realizing it. Because when I broke up, it was hard for me to close that stage. And then it didn’t happen. I think the right person didn’t show up. And I’m not one to let anyone into my life: it’s hard for me.

— After so many years as a couple, you certainly now prioritize your career and personal desires more. Or would you leave everything for one man again?

“I wouldn’t give up everything to be with someone, that’s for sure… But now I’m open to love.” In any case, it’s clear to me that I really love to work and that’s why I’m so focused on my career. Also, I am very responsible at work. And what I do, I do it with passion. So I want the other person to respect it. But I’m otherwise a very simple person in everyday life, so I don’t consider myself complicated when it comes to getting into a relationship.


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