Candles, curtains and plants to make a double bedroom more welcoming

The autumn-winter season is the most attractive for spending time A house and more specifically in bedrooms. So that bedroommajor i have heat What did I lose with it? the summer in favor of the colors Miss cold, we can repair it. In that sense, sure different ideas that we have prepared to help you make this stay much more warm Y harmonious.

Plaid bedding to make our double bedroom cozier

so ours double bedroom be cozythe first thing we need to do is change sleepwear. In this sense, it is vital that sheets which we use are from tissues which provide us heatAs well as thermalon microfiberon wave or their own Scandinavians. This way you will avoid colds and it will certainly help you sleep better.

Quilt cover Maisons du MondeMAISONS DU MONDE

Quilt cover Maisons du Monde

As for its design, in this season of autumn winter I can’t miss it plaid prints. And on color palette ideal is the one that reminds us of fallen leaves on trees: greenmustard yellow, brown or also red. Besides, there are a lot of them elegant Y warm. we show you that duvet cover on Maisons du Monde (128 euros) which meets all these requirements because it is green And his the pattern is checkered.

A double curtain to make our double bedroom more welcoming

The curtains are one of accessories essential for everyone bedroom who wants to bring cozy and transmit tranquility. And this is that they not only serve for decoratebut also provide us privacy Y heat. To complement this idea, the most convenient thing is to put double curtain: another one light which can be in colors sand and one more bushy in dark brown. Similarly, if your furniture is made of natural wood, this combination is perfect for your home.


Beige Blackout Curtains IkeaIKEA

Beige Blackout Curtains Ikea

Ikea (€79) sells this pair curtains in color beige What are they? opaque. In such a way that you can directly choose a model like this if you don’t want to double curtain. Also, thanks to pockets above, you can hang them directly on the bar. On the other hand, they can add points to your modern rustic double bedroom.

Artificial plant to make our double bedroom more welcoming

The floors They can also be part of bedrooms. And frankly, they are very useful. They have been proven to help us with stress and if the rooms are the rooms we want to relax in, what better than that decorate them with items we provide tranquility? This yes we recommend it be an artificial plant so you don’t have to be aware of taking care of it or having enough light.


Blaine Box Artificial Mini PalmBLAINE BOX

Blaine Box Artificial Mini Palm

On the other hand, it should be noted that plants are combined with all colorsbut mixing these with one’s own green from duvet cover what we have shown you is weakness. Especially if the walls are in color sand. we recommend this mini palm tree on Blaine Box (reduced to €22.08), which you can place on a beach basket or in planter. Place it in a corner or on a night stand.

A large rug to make our double bedroom more welcoming

If there is anything that makes the difference between decorations from bedrooms in the summer and those that occur during the autumn-winter season, which is associated with carpets. In the first mentioned station we remove them, but in the second ones we try to dress the ground with them so as not to spend much cold. On top of that, they create more cozy Y warm.


Benuta wool rugBENUTA

Benuta wool rug

We win at comfort with those who are wave or cotton. And at the same time the bedroom itself looks dressed up. Benuta (€84.95 for a piece of 80 centimeters by 150 centimeters) has in its catalog this wool carpet in color cream. With this type of pieces it is possible to support a nice temperature on the legs while adding to the placement of yours room because they combine with many other shades. It can also be part of a more minimalist decoration.

A few candles to make our double bedroom cozier


Parfois scented candlePARAPHYS

Parfois scented candle

Candles are a decorative element that autumn and the winter they can’t miss. Regardless of the stay A house. The reason is simple: they provide us with warmth and Relax. Put them on tables or chest of drawers to get an environment cozy. Take advantage and leave them fragrant. The store Parfois (€12.99) sell these candles in several colors and which you will find scented with vanillaon pink pepper and on nutmegmixed with shades of sandalwood, rose, musk Y oak mossamong others.

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