Brunella Horna assured that she and her boyfriend Richard Acuña will cover the expenses of their wedding

Brunella Horna assured “América Hoy” that she and her boyfriend Richard Acuña will cover the expenses of their wedding. America TV.

Many have talked about the cost of the weddings that will take place this year, one of them is Brunella Horna who got engaged in July this year to a politician, Richard Acuna. Everyone thought they would get married next year, but the beautiful businesswoman surprised everyone by confirming that she will be getting married in December this year.

And since the Acuña family is one of the most well-placed in Peru, the public thought the young influencer would have it all; this morning, however, Brunella clarified her “America Today” that the ones who will pay the expenses of celebrating her marriage will be her fiance Richard Acuña and herself.

“I said that at my wedding, the ones who will spend are Richard and I, we have been working for this for a long time and we have our little money saved,” Brunella explained to her colleagues Edson Davila and Tilsa Lozano.

The joker driver and the popular one ’tili” commented that the one who will have a $100,000 wedding is Brunella Horna. “I wish I had that money, that’s how much you (Brunella) will spend, I don’t have that kind of father-in-law,” the former PlayBoy bunny replied to the young businesswoman.

This after a report from Magali Medina spread that the total cost of Tilsa Lozano’s wedding will be 300 thousand soles. The program of “Magaly TV: The Company‘ had access to the contract between wedding planner Jackie Simon’s company and the model.

The ATV journalist gave details about the food, venue, dress, orchestra that will keep the guests dancing and more about the underage influencer’s wedding party.

Account follower instarandula shared a screenshot of the gift list on Brunella Horna and Richard Acunait says the date December 17, 2022. The user commented: “Brunella is getting married on December 17th, she already has her gift list on a department store website.”

So far, neither the TV presenter nor the businessman have spoken on the subject. However, it is very likely that this is a close date, since in a previous case Valeria Piazza commented that the marriage of the popular “Baby Brune” It would be after his given in November.

Brunella Horna was going to get married on December 17th. (Instarandula)

A few weeks ago, Samuel Suarez, creator of “Instarandula”revealed on his social networks that the place of marriage of Brunella Horna and Richard Acuna. Due to the high purchasing power that Cesar Acuña’s son has, they would spare no expense to get the best location.

It was then that the popular “Alone” He commented that there are some sources that would confirm that the location for this showy marriage will be in the ruins of “Chan Chan”, in Liberty. He even called it “the wedding of the year”.

“I’m blown away by Brunella Horna’s wedding to Richard (Acuña), which last time ‘ratujas’ caught them coordinating some things in the imposing ‘Chan Chan’. This will be the ‘wedding’, I’ve already seen it,” he commented on his networks.

He further revealed that the couple will be working with the most sought after organizers in the country who will take care of all the details of this special day for both of them.

Brunella Horna and Richard Acuña’s wedding will be in Chan Chan, according to Samuel Suarez. (instagram)

Another aspect that is revealed little by little is the bridal dress, which looks for the businesswoman in jeans. The host again Valeria Piazza commented on the showon everyone’s lips that she and Brunella will share the same wedding dress designer and are already coordinating not to repeat the pattern of the dress in question.

“What I do know is that she will be beautiful in a dress by the same designer as mine and Ethel Pozo’s. She also went on a trip to Miami to see dresses,” explained the former Miss Peru.

Valeria Piazza details Brunella Horna’s wedding date. American TV|”Everybody’s Mouth”.


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