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By Sebastian Ramirez, Latin America Summary, September 15, 2022

At least that’s what scribes of all colors are given to enjoy. The US reception reached by Sergio Massa, party for pleasure.

Masa went to take an exam. His inquisitors were high-ranking officials from the Yankee government, the IMF, the CEOs of major oil companies. All of them are supposed to be concerned with our current well-being and how we are moving towards a prosperous future. There is no reason not to believe in the good intentions of such benefactors.

Before the trip homework

Our super minister of the economy has taken to heart the heavy burden that Argentina’s recovery represents. Its invariable premise: compliance with IMF agreements at all costs.

Someone will have to pay the price. They started by slapping the ears of the Silobag Lords and the price makers. To move without a transition from the windfall tax and the soybean dollar to the dollar flower, which rewarded the extortion of landowners and grain exporters.

The market, This gang of parasites and speculators who put the black dollar at $350 rewarded Massa’s appointment with a summer exchange rate. The dollar went to

cost $290. And when on Sunday the 4th (on the eve of his trip to Washington) Massa met with the Grain Exchanges to announce the discounts, the Market placed the Cave Dollar at $270. This is having power!!

Is our only problem a lack of dollars? Or even the main one. The trickle the government got is maybe the way out? Very bad diagnosis. To rely on the enemies of the People and the Motherland is the worst decision.

A debt that conditions EVERYTHING

Debt, the preferred tool used by global powers for our domination. The peculiarity of the package provided by the IMF to Macri was that it exceeded all limits of impudence and illegitimacy. At both ends of this obscene secret treaty the Debt was scandalous. But Alberto Fernandez and Martin Guzmán defined it recognize her. To pass the IMF Agreement into law, they had to resort to the “republican” spirit of “Together for Change”. That then he abandoned obstructionism and happily voted with pieces of the Front of All. Thanks Macri.

And poverty? Where was the inflation?

With poverty at 40% and inflation around 100% per year, there is no shortage of people who boast of progress in the economic sphere. And based on these dubious successes, they justify correction and on devaluation.

The cynicism of their hosts knows no bounds. Massa tells the IMF that we are meeting the agreed targets. That we finally put the fiscal deficit in the box. And we keep up with payments to creditors. It was then that Kristalina Georgieva stated this “Inflation tops the list of problems.” “It’s devastating, especially for the poor in Argentina. Thank you Comrade KG for protecting us.

Just pictures, nothing more

Photo with Janet Yellen, Secretary of the Treasury. Another one with Georgeva. At both meetings he must have heard similar orders: speed up the setup. What is already underway. Proof of this is the budget project for 2023 submitted to Congress. And tackle structural reforms. some time ago the word Reform it means a progressive shift in favor of the popular sectors. Without the magnitude of a revolution, the reform led to progress on the right track. Thus the agrarian reform, which expropriated large estates to provide land to those who actually worked it. Or the tax reform aimed at reversing the regressive scheme of current taxes.

It appears that now the euphemism Reform is aimed at ending the bullying of workers and pensioners given their absurd pretensions to defend conquests that require blood. Or a feverish Right to a Fair Life.

Macronism has already announced that it will implement such measures (in some cases a return to the 19th century) in the first 90 days of its supposed second government.

Of pragmatists and ideologues

Clarín’s US correspondent enlightens us. In front of the irresponsible, who try to impose their ideology on reality, stand the down-to-earth pragmatists. Guess which of these categories Sergio is in? The truth is that such a contrast contains deception

Will there be people who think that the minister has no ideology and approaches the negotiations with a practical spirit? What violence must have been to dare so many stooped? No way. Massa feels comfortable in such a role. And in his role as a pragmatist he practices his usual ideology. Sovereignty, independence, social justice? From another time. Today it is not possible (or they don’t let you). The maximum goal is to find a small place in the landscape of the unit.

On the contrary, those of us who belong to the popular camp embody Principles that are not at all arbitrary. We know, more or less consciously, that there will be no future if we do not confront the dominant sectors. Declared enemies of the People and the Nation. That this mythical political and economic scenario is a fraud in which we ALL (THEM and WE) win.

We are again called upon to save our Argentina from prostration. For this we will have to endure years (decades?) of effort and hardship. Finally we will get the fruits of the sacrifice. A bad lie. Because it never spills.

The city is also practical

The popular field is crossed by slopes that drink in different traditions. Therefore, the first practical definition is the urgent need to to unite around our common interests. Realizing the danger posed by the United People, the oligarchy, the monopolies, the imperialists and their local pucks, the Judiciary and the Media are working (not without success) to tear us apart. We are in this hand to hand fight.

Fighting injustice is a full-time job. Restoring tarnished sovereignty and making our political and economic independence a reality are inseparable from a dignified daily life for the vast majority. Paying off the hated debt means an unbearable adjustment. Again YOU or US.

Brayden’s memory

Hyperactive Mark Stanley doesn’t miss anything. Maintains contacts with Tyrians and Trojans. But his little heart is on one side. Given Lula’s predictable victory in Brazil (and after the election results in Bolivia, Chile and Colombia), the Yankees should secure Macri’s return in 2023. Or sooner, as good old Mark suggested in a public speech. Busy preparing for Massa’s trip to Mecca, the government misses Braden’s provocation.

the tensioners

Joe Biden’s man is not alone. Trump’s Gurkha keeps him company in the IDB presidency. Mauricio Claver Carone was the senior manager of the IMF “loan” in the hands of his namesake Macri. Who had not been averse to berating Argentina in an aggravating tone just weeks ago now greeted Massa in a friendly manner.

In Houston, Massa was taken in by the hungry wolves of the major oil companies, Exxon Mobil, Chevron and British Petroleum. Y Schlumberger, Halliburton and Baker Hughes, contractors of services. ° СEach one of them is trying to keep a piece of our dead cow. He assured all “optimal rules”.

How can we not remember Article 40 of the Constitution of 1949, when it was affirmed Minerals, waterfalls, deposits of oil, coal and gas, and other natural sources of energy, except vegetables, are inalienable and inalienable properties of the nation.

We have the Yankees soaked

We know them. No one doubts that Biden and Trump, beyond their respective personalities, are essentially the same. That Democrats and Republicans take turns running the US in the sacred service of their monopoly conglomerates and their moneylenders. It’s not up for debate. We know.

But the venerable Yankee imperialists are not the only enemies. This quality (of imperialism and enemy) is shared by Germany, Great Britain, China, France, Russia, Japan. Between themselves they argue without repairing the damage. Their outrages are paid for by the people of the world and nature. Bloody worth it all. Woe betide anyone who goes astray by believing the siren songs of any of these bastards!!! Because in relation to our peoples and nations, all imperialisms behave in the same way. ROBBERY AND ROBBERY ARE IN ITS ESSENCE.

September 2

These lines should not be read as a catalog of pales. Without ignoring the difficulties, our people do not accept the role of Stone Guest. On Friday, September 2, just 12 hours after the assassination attempt on Christina Kirchner, we had a vivid test of courage. The immediacy, massiveness and spontaneity of the demonstrations that took place across the country are touching. And they are eloquent about the power of a mobilized People.

To block the path of Macri and his gang, we have no one left. During last year’s election cycle, millions of our people said “Not this way!!!” Even then, the course of politics and economics was perceived as wrong. Even more so now with size adjustment, fares, inflation…

We are fighting to change course. Which is a condition for being able to face the macrist gorilla with all our might. Put the Agenda of the People and the Motherland on the table and defeat the Agenda of the enemies. Prepare the popular counteroffensive. The only way out of the well.

Sebastian Ramirez

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