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There are women who have the illusion of live the fairytale of a grand wedding, arrive at the altar dressed in white and that the love of your life is there waiting for you. Others simply They are not excited about the moment or having children, but they love deeply.

also known as Angelique Boyer, Lucero and host Oprah Wiffreythink about it legal engagements and lavish weddings are not in their priorities or life dreamsbut they are happy next to their partners, with whom they share love, but in a free union.

Angelique Boye neither marriage nor children

Actress Angelique Boye exemplifies what this means love without documents and signatures. Also, She is convinced that she does not want to have children and Sebastian Rulli supports her in her decision.

She is very much in love with the Argentine, but the singer of French origin admitted that there will be no wedding, because rejects society’s imposed ideas about having a partner.

“I think we’ve grown up with concepts that society has labeled as ‘the happiest day of your life will be your wedding’, ‘in order to achieve fulfillment you must get married and have children’ and no”he explained in an interview for the show Today.

Regarding the birth of children, he said that the outlook for the world in the future is not a good scenario for starting a family. “And no, I think we realize today that there’s overcrowding, we have to be very aware that it’s a big liability and that we’re going to run out of water soon,” Boyer predicted.

“I start thinking about those things from the future and the truth is that I feel complete as I am, I don’t need to get married because I believe in the person I am and every day we have a choice to choose ourselves.”said the actress “What life stole from me”.

What Boyer is clear about is that since he met Ruley in 2010, the actor has been the great love of his life. “He’s the best partner I’ve ever had, the most gentlemanly, the most disciplined, so I’m very proud to be his partner and to have him around is a hug to my heart.”

Lucero, experience and now

Lucero, on the other hand, has already had the experience of marrying Manuel Mijares, starting a family, and getting a divorce. But now the singer He lives with the businessman Michel Kouri, without commitments and, moreover, in very good friendly relations with his ex-partner.

The soap opera actress Relationships of love Y Dawn, She now has an almost 10-year romance with the businessman and claims to be in love like the first day.

Don’t think about marriage or engagement rings. “There is no man! No…”he said once on the show Wake up Americawhere he described their relationship as “devotion of soul, heart and others”.

“No, I’m super happy, super in love, happy forever boyfriends as we say, I’m very happy with him and he with me, we’ve still been together for so long and no change, no difference, everything is fine”he emphasized.

She has a very good relationship with the father of her children, Manuel Mijares, and they show it at every concert of “Until they did it to us”. Both are in a relationship and get along very well. “We are very good friends, lifelong partners, parents to our children.

“I think maybe it’s not a priority to get married, I don’t know, for some couples yes, for others no, in our case we’re very lucky to be able to have, like that illusion, you know? From when you see each other, when you are together”, said about Kuri, reviewed Infobae.

Oprah Winfrey at 30 years without a tie

The most famous American presenter in the world, Oprah Winfrey, also loves without legal commitments. Have a relationship more than 30 years with writer Stedman Graham.

Winfrey reassures him more than once what won her over was the calmness with which the writer handled it, something that still captivates her today.

But Graham once asked the American to marry her, but she said no and gave her reasons: “My life with the show was my priority and we both knew it.”

“I realized that I don’t really want marriage. I wanted him to ask me. Knowing that he felt I was worthy of being his wife, but he didn’t want the sacrifices, the compromises, the daily commitments required to make a marriage work.”.

About Winfrey’s marriage That was never his primary goal. Perros insists that he has made many sacrifices to maintain a no-strings-attached relationship with Graham, according to Show de España magazine.

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