All the problems of “Brothers” Eren

An old and popular song says that there are three things in life: health, money and love. And whoever has these three things can be very grateful. However, in the Eren family’s case, these three key elements of happiness seem to be at the end of the gymnasium, where every brief smile is accompanied and/or preceded by a long streak of tears. Such are the tragedies ofBrothers” on Antena 3.

The money, the constant headache

The difficulty to pays the bills This was the first big problem the brothers had to face. Not being able to pay their rent meant leaving their home. Not being able to contribute to the finances of their aunt’s household meant they had to take shelter in a chicken coop. And even this supposed ceiling meant they had to account for their few pounds as they once again fell into the hands of a usurious owner.

Adding and subtracting that don’t add up is the main occupation of Kadir, who, it must be said, was not squeamish when it came to the work he had: waiter, mason, painter, loading and unloading boy. Everything works for you. Everything is fine. He accepts everything. Anything to have a few coins in his pocket to survive with his brothers.

It should also be taken into account that his brothers also wanted to lend him a hand and are also already gaining experience in a wide variety of professions. Asie sang for tips, knits all the time, and is now a waitress. And Omar also tried his hand at painting, selling mobile phones and as Akif’s assistant.

Asie’s discussion with Doruk that leaves the young man completely sunk: “I don’t need anyone” |

Of course, even though Omar tried to contribute to the local economy, money was also the cause of the biggest family rift we’ve seen yet. Need, scarcity, hunger, despair made a much stronger impression on Omar than on his brothers, and one day he exploded against everything and everyone. And he sought refuge where he naively thought happiness was: in a mansion with a swimming pool, a table full of food at breakfast, and a day of shopping without paying attention to labels.

This foray into the world of the rich went pretty badly because expensive sneakers don’t make a rich kid, but a good education and strong values ​​do make a good person. And for all the confusion typical of adolescence and the emotional crisis of an orphan, Omar knows where his home is, even if there is no swimming pool.

Of course, we’ll have to see how his relationship with Suzanne affects Omar and the family’s financial situation. She had already shown some empathy (or a guilty conscience about her involvement in her parents’ deaths) with Ereni by bringing them money, but what will happen now that she knows Omar is her son? Will he continue to withdraw or lend his assistance? Will Susan be the door to the henhouse?

And of course, in case they get Suzanne’s help, the Erens will have to worry and take care to prevent Aunt Seungyul from showing her ability to turn other people’s funds into her own again.

back and forth love

If accounts occupied a large part of the Eren brothers’ brains, the heart they have it too busy.

In fact, Kadir had to combine his work on the moon with a hectic love life because he felt he had to act as the head of the family for all purposes. Not only did he have to put bread on the table, but he also had to make an effort to please his brothers. And that included trying to give Omar a chance with Melissa, even if it meant denying his own feelings.

Perhaps this was the best thing about Omar’s foray into the world of the rich: Aisha’s appearance on the scene made it easier for Kadir not to feel guilty about falling in love with his brother’s “illusion”.

Right now, they’re going through what can only be described as a period of peace and happiness, but our serialist sixth sense tells us that it’s more than possible that a storm is already brewing at some point. It’s possible that in Berk’s psychopathic head, he got tired of dealing with Eren’s business and resumed his previous obsession with Melissa. It might be Akif’s temper when he finds out his princess is in the company of one of “those guys.” It could be due to Nebahat’s embarrassment to see his girl walking hand in hand with a waiter.

Akif asks Shengül to withdraw the complaint against Berk:

Akif asks Shengül to withdraw the complaint against Berk: “If your nephews change their testimony, I will give them a lot of money” |

And let’s not ignore the cracks that are beginning to show through the apparent chasm that separates them. Kadir would love a trip around the Black Sea, but first he needs to be able to travel by bus in Istanbul. Kadir was not bored at the meeting with his girlfriend’s friends. He felt uncomfortable because he had just landed on another planet.

At least they have Doruk as an ally who, yes, remains vigilant to prevent his sister from suffering. Just like Kadir does with his own before the attention he gets from Attakul’s heir. Because during his efforts to fill the table with what little he has in his pantry, Asieh also has to deal with his feelings. At this point, there’s no doubt that she likes Doruk and that she reciprocates, but there’s a gulf between them far greater than the distance that separates their current accounts. The mistrust.

Asieh fears that Doruk is back to being the high school bully who bullied and abused her brother and cousin. He fears that all his promises are just a game to him. He fears that the poor girl cliché will become rich boy entertainment. And it’s not a waste of time. He has to work hard to help Kadir now that he will be without pay for months.

As for Doruk, he should be given credit for his efforts to gain Asieh’s trust. But the relationship goes beyond sharing a desk, riding the bus together, or hitting the job market as a couple. Above all, when it’s all part of Asie’s inner life, while for Doruk it’s just a parenthesis motivated by teenage love. Will he be able to convince Asie that this new face he is showing is the real one? Will she be able to understand that what for him is an invasion of a new world is the only reality she knows?

Also, in the case of these two couples, we will have to be aware of the reaction of Akif and Nebahat when they discover that the princes of the house have fallen in love with the “beggars of the hen house”.

And as for Omar, he also experiences a sweet moment with Ayshe, but over their relationship already flies a cyclogenesis with a proper name: Tolga. If, when they were friends, he already managed to spoil everything, what will happen now that they are dating? It’s now clear to us that he hasn’t accepted or accepted his breakup with Ayshe, what consequences will this denial of reality have?

fragile health

When it comes to health, the first great fear Emel gave it to us with that cough, which troubled us from the first moment, and which, as we felt, afterwards became more complicated. This problem seems to be under control now, but we are still concerned about his diet. He is at a very complicated age where he should be eating well and no matter how hard he tries and no matter how many resignations his brothers make, the flaws show.

His older brothers have also scared us more than once. Except for Asiyeh, who was the only one saved from poisoning by the stove, both Kadir and Omar had medical problems.

Kadir, regretting that he is about to abandon Emel in an orphanage: “Forgive me.  We're going home

Kadir, regretting that he is about to abandon Emel in an orphanage: “Forgive me. We are going home” |

Both cases have a common denominator: bruises. They may not share DNA, but they do share the magnet for draw the strokes from the others. So far, the aftermath has been short of a few bruises and a pretty sore few days, but will they continue to suffer the same fate if they take another beating?

In short, the Eren brothers have faced problems in key aspects of life at this point. They live in constant anxiety for every pound that goes in and out of their pockets. They live on a continuous sentimental roller coaster. They live in fear that their health will suffer.

He was like that number of conflicts who have lived that at this moment we can only wonder how much longer they will be able to endure and above all when they will be able to turn these tortured pages of their existence and be able to be thankful that they have health and money and love and, as another well-known song says, enjoy the good things in life.

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