a couple gets married on a train in Florida, USA

Although it’s unusual for a train to be used to get married, for one couple in Florida, United States, this space meant a lot to them and they decided that’s where they’d say “I do” forever.

So Meghan Michel Gabelman and Jean-Philippe Charles decided last Tuesday, September 13, get married aboard a Brightline trainwho was traveling from West Palm Beach to Fort Lauderdale.

They assure that for them the train had enough meaning, since in many cases they used this for their dates, going to restaurants and attending events.

About how they met, they told US media that Gabelman, a teacher from Miami-Dade County, Six years ago, she sublet an apartment to Charles, who is an artist, and from that moment they started chatting.

Finally, after they got married, they were later entertained at a reception in Hollywood.

And that is that in love not everyone suffers the same fate. In Mexico, a young man experienced countless emotions in a matter of hours, and in the end, everything did not turn out as he expected.

The man initially arrived at the Faculty of Law of the Benito Juarez Autonomous University of Oaxaca (UABIO) and with a bouquet of flowers and a serenade on board, he tried to surprise a woman who was apparently asking if she wanted to be his boyfriend.

However, the woman refused him, in front of hundreds of students who witnessed what happened and even recorded it.

sad and disappointed the man who came to this university dressed in a suit and with five members of a mariachi band had no choice but to leave the flowers abandoned in the corner.

According to local media, even the owner of a bar in the area invited him to have a few drinks to get over the bitter moment he experienced minutes before with the woman.

It is noteworthy, however, that another video has spread on social networks, in which, apparently, the same young man, visibly intoxicated, quite beaten in the face and lying on the ground.

In the video, a man can be heard asking him how he is doing while telling him that an ambulance will be arriving soon to help him.

Meanwhile, the young man told him that it was not necessary. Also, the man asked him who attacked him like that; however, the young man, perhaps because of his drunken state, could hardly utter even a word.

In recent days, the case of a triathlete also made headlines that he wanted to propose to his girlfriend, but at that very moment he had a spasm.

The incident happened after Spanish triathlete Christian Moratiel competed in the Estonian Iron Man and finished in sixth place. However, despite the muscle discomfort in his leg that knocked him to the ground and screaming in pain, the athlete took out a ring and asked his girlfriend: “Do you want to marry me?”

Christian Moratiel, meanwhile, was helped by his teammates as he went ahead with the romantic proposal from the ground.

Visibly excited, the woman replied that she really wanted to marry him. The race attendees then cheered and cheered.

It is worth noting that the Iron Man triathlon is a competition in which participants must pass three extreme tests: 3.86 km open sea swim, 180 km bike and marathon run.

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