Yakuza became my family: the artist who lived in the underworld of the Japanese mafia to depict their women

  • Atahualpa Amerise @atareports
  • BBC News World

image source, Chloe Jaffe

It all started one drunken night 15 years ago in a Parisian bar.

“My boyfriend and I were devastated because we broke up with our partners. We drank a lot of wine and said: to go far to Japanalthough it could have been anywhere else,” photographer Chloe Jaffe (Lyon, 1984) explains to BBC Mundo.

image source, Julie Custaro


Chloe Jaffe.

The month-long trip took her from complete indifference to fascination with Japanese culture.

He decided to repeat: “On my second trip I thought ‘next time I’ll stay.’ I felt I had something to do here, although I didn’t know what.’

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