With uniforms, school supplies, and improvements to educational facilities, Governor Mauricio Villa Dosal is transforming education for the benefit of Yucatan girls and boys

– The governor was in the primaries “Yolanda Noemi Carrillo Piña”, “Pedro Henriques Ureña” and “Agustín de Iturbide”, giving the support of “Impulso Escolar”.

– In this framework, he announced a series of actions to improve schools, such as the construction of toilets, playgrounds, wells to prevent floods, supply of school furniture and general maintenance.

Mérida, Yucatan, September 13, 2022 – The construction of toilets, playgrounds, wells to prevent flooding, the supply of school furniture and general maintenance in schools in the southern part of Mérida, announced Governor Mauricio Villa Dosal, as he continues the delivery of uniforms and school supplies from the “Impulso Escolar” program to ensure that girls and boys in Yucatan have equal opportunities to learn and develop their abilities, while allowing parents to save 2,850 pesos per student.

The governor was at Yolanda Noemí Carrillo Piña, Pedro Henríquez Ureña and Agustín de Iturbide elementary schools, all in the south of the city, distributing 267,931 school supplies to students of public elementary schools and 206,534 sets uniforms composed of 2 shirts, a pair of shoes and a backpack, which are intended for all elementary school students in the district, through an effort of more than 47.2 million pesos of government investment.

Accompanied by students, teachers, mothers and fathers, Vila Dosal checked the distribution of hot and cold school breakfast for a total of 118,512 girls and boys from pre-school and first and second grade schools throughout the country, so that minors have these food items for more good performance and school achievement.

At Yolanda Noemí Carrillo Piña Elementary School, the governor announced that new bathrooms will be built, as well as a play area and wells to prevent flooding due to the rains, in addition to general maintenance of the facilities with painting and waterproofing works.. He also said that the kindergarten “Irma Ojeda de Monforte”, which is located on the side, will be equipped with a playground for the little ones.

During his visit to the “Pedro Henríquez Ureña” Elementary School, Villa Dosal instructed the supply of school furniture, the construction of 6 modules of toilets and wells to prevent flooding, painting and waterproofing, the repair of the main playground and the installation of a flag pole and new basketball courts board.

While in the “Agustín de Iturbide” campus, a portico will be built so that the minors will not get wet from the rains, nor will they be hit by the sun during check-out, and will be equipped with fans for all classrooms, as well as new games and synthetic grass in the recreation area.

In his message, the governor indicated that through this scheme, it is ensured that all boys and girls of Yucatan have everything they need to start the school year and that the lack of school supplies, shoes and uniforms is not a reason to drop out. school and thus all children have equal opportunities to progress.

In addition, he continued, the provision of these aids represents a significant saving of 2,850 pesos per student for parents, which helps the household economy in Yucateca.

Finally, among the benefits of this program, the governor recalled that the backpacks, shoes and jackets that are delivered during the winter season are produced in Yucatan, thus benefiting more than 2,000 artisans who work in 160 family workshops in municipalities such as Huhí, Homún, Hunucmá, Cuzamá, Tekit, Mama, Ticul, Tekax, Kanasín, Cansahcab, Acanceh, Espita and Mérida.

On the other hand, Villa Dossal highlighted the work of teachers, especially during the pandemic and now in the safe return to class and in the fight against educational backwardness; while recognizing the role of mothers and fathers in the education of Yucatecan children and youth.

“We have come out of the most difficult 2 years, but today we are better and better things are coming, so I invite you to work together to continue to make the changes we need to transform the Yucatan and the girls and boys to grow up in better condition,” he concluded.

The School Impulse program aims to ensure that no girl, boy or youth goes without school supplies and has what they need to attend classes, while boosting the economy in the state’s more than 2,000 Artisan families. textiles and shoes from Yucateca, who work in 90 workshops in 13 municipalities of the state, as they are responsible for the production of these articles of good quality.

68,489 first- and second-grade students are served by distributing school supplies to elementary school students; from the third degree to 35,369; 102,274 for fourth, fifth and sixth; while 20,915 for high school freshmen and 40,884 high school sophomores.

The contents of school supply packages vary by school grade and meet the requirements of the basic table of materials issued by the Ministry of Public Education (SEP) in order to ensure that children and young people have everything they need for their persistence. and good school performance.

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