Why is Impress the best invisible orthodontic option on the market?

The advantages are many and the disadvantages are few. That’s why clear aligners are revolutionizing the orthodontic industry. First: they offer great comfort, as you don’t even realize you’re wearing them. Second: fit like a second skin; yes, they must be removed to be eaten. And third: when it is removed, you can continue with your usual lifestyle and daily routine; from doing all kinds of activities without fear of injury to eating all kinds of food. The fact that with braces It is unthinkable, as there are foods considered forbidden that can damage the metal device or are uncomfortable to eat.

Another major advantage of invisible orthodontics is that it allows you to continue to take good care of your dental hygiene, both by brushing and flossing, something that is very difficult with braces. There’s more: this type of treatment is effective.

Most invisible orthodontic treatments can be managed from the comfort of home.


If we add to all this the added benefit that most of the invisible orthodontic treatment can be managed from the comfort of home, with the entire process supervised by orthodontic specialists through applications, more than justifies why so many patients end up choosing invisible orthodontics. Now are all invisible braces the same? It shouldn’t be like this when, in just three years, Impress has managed to lead the invisible orthodontics sector in Europe.

The startup Barcelona is now present in nine countries, where it has 130 clinics. It was founded in 2019 in Barcelona by the renowned orthodontist Dr. Khaled Kassem and entrepreneurs Diliara and Vladimir Lupenko with the idea of ​​combining the best of orthodontic tradition with the most innovative technology in the sector. Why was it so successful?

The startup from Barcelona is already present in nine countries, where it has 130 clinics

without intermediaries

It will be because Impress is an expert in invisible orthodontics and for now only performs this type of service. Thus, all of their resources and work are focused on improving patients’ smiles with medical treatment that improves appearance so that the patient gains security and self-confidence. Only Impress offers a 360º orthodontic service.

This will be because it not only manufactures the aligners (in its own digital treatment planning and mass production plant), but also has its own modern and innovative clinics equipped with the latest technology. In them, their specialist orthodontists put their over 15 years of experience at your disposal. In addition, Impress offers 24/7 support through its own app, a 100% satisfaction guarantee, and performs some pre-treatments such as cavities if needed.


All their clinics operate the same way and follow identical protocols


Another distinctive aspect is that the startup does not work with intermediaries, so it can provide the best result. Her orthodontists are theirs: a solid medical team of 500 professionals. That they have absolute control over the entire process the patient goes through, and therefore the results, is a great advantage. And that’s because all of his clinics work the same way and follow the same protocols. Therefore, anyone who begins invisible orthodontic treatment can continue with their normal daily life, regardless of their profession or lifestyle. And it is that you can go to any of the almost 60 clinics that Impress has in Europe (Spain, Italy, Portugal or the United Kingdom).

Patient experience at the clinic is also another hallmark of the company. His dental research moves away from the traditional concept of a clinic and he ventures with intimate and warm designs where patients can feel comfortable at all times. So much so that its first flagship clinic, in Barcelona, ​​was awarded the prestigious Frame Awards for Architecture in the category “Health Center of the Year 2020”.

The startup from Barcelona is already present in nine countries, where it has 130 clinics.

Therapies are supervised by Impress specialists, in person or virtually


Face to face or virtual

And there is another distinct advantage: Impress offers the ability to monitor cases online. Treatments are supervised by their specialists, in person or virtually. The patient receives a kit with everything he needs to carry out his treatment from wherever he wants, and thanks to the professional dental application with which the company works, he only has to take a picture of his mouth, publish the image in the application and wait for the judgment of a specialist who will assess whether it’s time to change aligners.

With this system, Impress brings the convenience and flexibility of digital but also its local clinics, so that when needed or preferred, the patient can go there to see specialists in person and get the best results.

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