What will be the first medical specialty of the new MD?

Thomas Kobo, President of the WTO.

After the summer approval of Royal Decree on Specialties, the “rules of the game” for creating new medical disciplines are already on the table and the moment has come, with the start of the new political course, to promote those projects that have been in the drawer for some time. A premiere of this new regulation, which Spanish doctors predict will be will be produced before the end of the yearstarting with the specialty of Emergencies and Emergencies.

“Specialty in emergencies and emergency situations soon it will be a realitypredicted Thomas Cobo, president of the Organization of Collegiate Medicine (OMC), who hopes the creation process will begin before 2023.

Despite the fact that there are several medical disciplines waiting to be created, the president is adamant that this should be the one to launch the new format created by Health. “It has to be the first without a doubt. Now, with this new royal decree, the rules of the game are established and they are the ones we have to follow in order to start the procedure,” Kobo explains.

The doctor thinks that “there is political will” to perform it and that in addition there is a “big push” from Spanish medicine to the creation of this specialty. In this sense, Cobo recalls that he already defended the creation of Emergencies and Emergencies during his institutional speech at the head of the WTO and that the meeting of the collegiate medical body already approved, encouraging its creation.

Why start with Emergency and Emergencies?

The president of the WTO believes that this is one of the medical disciplines that should “generate yes or yes” and remember that your claim has been going on for years. Also, remember that this is not an initiative that takes place exclusively on Spanish territory. “This is something that fits within the framework of the harmonization of medical specialties in Europe. This is not something that Spain invented,” explains the health president.

Among the reasons for being the first specialty created under the umbrella of the new RD, Cobo points out that emergencies and emergencies “not only have the scope of pure care as such in hospital emergencies, but also goes further in designing major disaster plans”. “This should be carried out by SNS specialists and even more so in Spain with the tragic experience of major accidents”, says Cobo, who is clear that Spanish doctors are well trained in these situations and that the planning of emergency and emergency services there must be a “leadership” of a specialist in this discipline.

What is the process for creating a new major?

The “rules of the game” of the new RD begin with start the procedure if it is judged that the five criteria established by the Health Service for the creation of a new specialty are met and there is accreditation from need for this particular practice at least for seven ministries of health and acceptance by most of them.

Starting the startup procedure can be given by promotion of one or more national scientific societies validly incorporated and which accredit the representation of at least 70 percent of the professionals in the field or of Human Resources Commission of the NHIF. The request will be submitted electronically to the electronic headquarters of the Ministry of Health.

Once received, a a maximum period of three monthss for what Directorate-General for Professional Regulation of the Ministry of Health may require applicants to correction of defects found in the application. Moreover, this body will collect reports professional associations, the National Board of Health Sciences Specialties and the Commission on Human Resources of the SNA, unless the initiative to create the specialty came from this commission, and the latter of particular importance, as it is binding character and from what it will come Ministry of Universities.

the later the assessment of the information collected must be announced, before a public hearing, before six months had passed from the submission of the application. In case of being approved, rulemaking will begin to create the specialty within four months. while if so deniedwill not be able to return submit a similar request within the next five years.

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