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What is the current bride looking for? After events were canceled or changed due to the pandemic, weddings were transformed.

Although there are events for every taste, trends seem to point to brides preferring more intimate gatherings, less formal and focused on experiencesboth for the couple and their guests.

In Cartagena, one of the preferred destination cities for weddings and honeymoons, Wedding Forum 2022an event organized by the Sofitel Legend Santa Clara Hotel, where experts from countries such as Mexico and Colombia revealed what is trendy in wedding celebrations.

Experiences, personalization and digital They have entered weddings as a novelty, Carmen Otero, director of market and sales for the Sofitel Legend Santa Clara, explained in the conversation “The Modern Bride”; Pedro Zurita, Director of Content at Hello! Mexico and Nagydmi Marquez, editor of the same magazine for its American edition.

This is because of Generation Z, born after 1995, are already of marriageable age and their view of the world has prevailed. For this reason, new brides are thinking more about parties celebrating love than formal events and prioritizing details that matter, such as the calligraphy of the cards themselves, the panelists said in their remarks.

They also noted that young women choose spaces related to nature or important cultural heritage, as is the case in Cartagena and, according to data from the Pinterest platform, searches for ceremonies in the forest have doubled compared to last year.

Inspiration from elements of nature also became popular.


photo. Courtesy Wedding Forum

People are looking for experiences through the decorations, the dessert tables, the floral arrangements, because weddings involve the senses, there’s what you see, what you feel, what you smell, what you taste, and that’s what they want,” says Mary Kuter, wedding event organizer and designer.

Precisely the preference for the experienced, Mexican wedding planner Valentina Coro highlighted Cartagena as the place to be.

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“It’s a great destination for small, bohemian weddings, for modern boutique weddings and even for large productions,” said Valentina Corro Wedding Planner CEO.

Connected generation

Another aspect to consider is that digital is present in modern weddings. Whether it’s broadcasting the event live on digital channels or hiring professional recording crews to post footage, the cameras are there.

For this reason, decoration continues to play a leading role in weddings because “it has to be Instagrammable”, a characteristic that refers to how well a space or object looks in a photo for social networks.

Nagydmi Marquez, editor of Hello! América, pointed out that disposable or instant cameras are part of this trend, as it generates a fun dynamic for attendees who not only keep a memory on their cell phone, but also see it as a nod to what harvest.

Sustainable weddings, the prevailing trend

Certainly one of topics that have gained popularity in wedding planning is sustainability, especially among Gen Zwho are looking to reduce the environmental impact of their big day.

In its report, Pinterest reports that searches for eco-friendly wedding favors doubled, as did those for upcycled wedding dress ideas.

And it is that the dress is still one of the priorities for every wedding, what has changed is the freedom that brides have.

At the Wedding Forum, during his speech, Pedro Zurita also referred to the preferences in the dresses of the modern bride, giving as an example models of Viktor & Rolf or Nordeen who work with sustainable textiles and have a catalog of very clean shapes.

But sustainability goes beyond clothing and the famous Spanish florist Sally Hambleton makes an appeal on the subject, both to brides-to-be and to florists.

Among your recommendations They use seasonal flowers from the area and avoid using floral foam as much as possible for repair as it is a highly polluting material.

“Very little is known about it, it’s something that florists have to guide brides in because they have ideas about something that sometimes doesn’t make sense, like importing flowers that are not in season (in the case of Spain) or that are from a distant place,” Hambleton explained.

* Invitation to Wedding Forum 2022, from Sofitel Legend Santa Clara.

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