“The only thing that matters to us is that it looks like it is”

The family of the minor from Morón de la Frontera (Seville), who disappeared just one year ago this Tuesday, led a demonstration in the municipality to honor the child, who suffers from a severe physical disability, and to urge the police to “continue the search”. “I hope not to leave her until they find him. The only thing that matters to me is that my son appears, whoever he is,” said the father of the minor, Antonio Barroso. The child’s mother was found in Segovia province “disoriented” and giving “incoherent” explanations, in which she claimed , that she allegedly killed the boy and then got rid of the body. He is free and living in Moron.

The minor’s grandmother, Maria Partida, assured in statements to the media that “we are dying little by little. Why, where is he… All we want is for the police to find him for who he is, dead or alive.”. Visibly distraught, she asked her grandson’s mother “if she knows where he is, to tell us, to tell us the truth,” alluding to the multiple versions the parent gave police about what happened. “If she didn’t hurt the child, I will give her a medal, but if she did something to her, let justice give her the medal. I don’t want anything else,” he emphasized.

The boy’s father insisted that the police should not abandon the search and “start” focusing also on the area where more traces of the mother are being lost, in the Castile and Leon city of Riaza. “The things she says, I don’t know if I believe them or not, but they are certainly strong,” said Antonio Barroso, who asked that the summary be declassified so “we can make connections.” Finally, the parent pointed out that “I don’t go anywhere because I can’t find her, but my family does. Imagine the situation.”

The mother of the minor is actually still in Moron after in mid-October 2021 the Court of First Instance and investigation number two of the said municipality took a statement from her and allowed her temporary release because after this woman stated that she herself claimed to have killed the boy and then disposed of the body, later claiming that the minor had “died” and that for this reason he has disassociated himself from the body, weighing his admission to a mental institution due to his mental condition. The issue revolves around a Moron couple with two dependent children, an 18-year-old girl and a 13-year-old teenager, who suffers from physical disabilities because the couple’s members have separated, the woman said at the beginning of a separation with custody of the two children.

In this context, in September of last year, agents of the Civil Guard found the woman on a road in the province of Segovia, where she would have stopped her car, “disoriented” and making “incoherent” statements to the officials. The woman would tell agents she had her then-13-year-old son with her and that she was going to kill him, disposing of the body later, according to her testimony. Due to the woman’s condition, which would constitute mental changes, she was transferred to the psychiatric center of the hospital in Segovia to receive specialized help, contacting the Civil Guard with the minor’s father and the woman’s ex-partner to inquire about the whereabouts of the boy.

From Moron, the boy’s father and sister would tell agents they believed the boy was with his mother after being informed of that woman’s testimony. Given the woman’s account that she was going to kill her son and get rid of the bodyhis father went to the National Police Station in Moron to file a complaint about the boy’s disappearance.

As a result, Moron National Police agents visited the woman’s home, only to find that she had gotten rid of her belongings and left, taking the boy with her. From there, and according to the investigations of the agents, they spent that night in a hotel in Talavera de la Reina (Toledo), where both were seen and from where they continued their journey, the woman being later found alone by the Civil Guard in the already described situation.

In any case, the National Police is continuing an investigation to locate the minor and clarify the truth or otherwise of his mother’s initial testimony, which he would later assert that he did not kill the boy as such, but that he himself “died” and then disposed of the body; by finding in a Morón container “relatively close to the mother’s house” this man’s cell phone with a broken screen.

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