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To the well-known love-hate relationship, from the graveyard of theories, we have contributed to the study of psychology a new relationship that will have to be explored from our specific national experience: love to hate. It’s not just “the enemy of my enemy is my friend”. It’s much deeper: it’s a shared feeling that binds closely together in dislike for someone in particular. We refer specifically to the President of the Republic Mario Abdo Benitez and the Senator and owner of the Progressive Democratic Party (PDP), Desiree Massey, related to the connection of the land with the former President of the Republic and leader of the Honor Colorado Movement, Horace Cartes. The influence that the parliamentarian exerts on the head of state makes us consider her, in previous comments, the true spouse of power.

We mean, logically, the exclusive sphere of politics. And nothing more. An inexplicable affinity comes from the time they both shared seats in the Upper House. Inexplicably, because the president is an unruly admirer of the dictator Alfredo Stroessner – and he shows it in every speech he makes – and the doctor, a famous fighter against the regime, who beat him up in the street when she was a student at the faculty. of Medical Sciences of the National University of Asuncion. Once the ideological barriers were overcome, they became good friends in the National Congress. And from the photos in my files, they became good friends. But as of August 15, 2018, the erstwhile militant student leader finally abdicated her principles, seduced by the temptation to command. And he installed several of his staunch supporters in the executive cabinet. So they began to coexist in recognition of identical phobias.

The presence of PDP supporters and supporters in the government of Mario Abdo Benitez Jr. is not a cause for scandal. Because an administration composed of capable and honest professionals from the opposition projects a pluralistic and more credible image to the public. But Marito did not put them anywhere, but in key positions in the fight against corruption, drug trafficking, money laundering and smuggling. At first reading, we could interpret it as a sign of distrust of their own co-religionists. That no one in the Colorado party is fit for these positions. The other, more favorable explanation is that the president placed himself under the scrutiny of the opposition in order to control his administration, thereby ensuring the impartiality of the investigations. But neither one nor the other, on the contrary, old Don Mario would say. They turned out to be a bunch of mediocres and acrobats. A real guarantee, yes, of impunity and concealment of the millions of dollars that are being stolen from the state to secure a future life. Yesterday’s Wonder Woman became Catwoman in her original version. meow!

Senator Desiree Massey was the best guarantor that Marito was to rule with complete impunity. From his place in the hall, he never, ever, heard any criticism, however veiled, of the President of the Republic. Even as the gang attacked the Department of Public Health and Welfare in the midst of a pandemic. The three flycatchers, plus D’Artagnan, ran their respective dependencies as a neighborhood bowling alley. On August 16, 2008, Arnaldo Euclides Giuzio Benitez was appointed Minister-Executive Secretary of the National Secretariat for the Fight against Narcotics (Senad). Carlos Aregui has been appointed as Executive Transparency Advisor. In October, Emilio Fuster took up the position of coordinator of the Inter-Institutional Unit for the Prevention, Combat and Repression of Smuggling (a position that earned him the legitimate title of “Chicken King”).

In July 2019, the feline quartet was completed when René Fernández became Minister of the National Secretariat for Anti-Corruption (Senac). Itaipu’s secret act has side effects on the Secretariat for the Prevention of Money Laundering or Assets (Seprelad), whose minister, María Epifania González de Rodríguez (Joselo’s mother), resigns. He was replaced by Aregui in July 2019. On January 22, 2021, the Minister of the Interior, Euclides Acevedo, became the Foreign Ministry. Juzio replaces him. Then along comes one of Mariteau’s pranksters, Zuli Rolon, who has been promoted from deputy minister to head of the Seanad. Giuzio’s strange ties to a world-class criminal send him into a corner. But even without a fee, it was still functional for the head of state’s dirty campaigns. Loyalty that is sure to be rewarded, with saved costs. I say. Moópiko che aikuaáta!

In February of this year, united by all these “transparency” secretariats, they compiled a “report” against the leader of Honor Colorado, a volume that was declared “exploding” by the newspaper with faith in the lie generated by the dictatorship.. Fallen in ” shame” Juzio, there were still three horsemen of the apocalypse. Carlos Aregui receives an international shock and consolation prize of being part of the board of directors of the National Development Bank (BNF). Rene Fernandez goes to Seprelad. The conclusion? That these characters are irreplaceable. That’s why they spin. No one was fired. Even Giuzio was given an honorable resignation. To me they are simply untouchable. In defense of Senator Massey, who asserts his influence over Marito.

Faced with the brazen intent to steal in the midst of a pandemic with the famous “Chinese supplies” published by our newspaper, by decree of May 6, 2020, the Executive created a special commission chaired by Arnaldo Giuzio and composed of Rene Fernandez, Carlos Pereira and Zuli Roll. Arnaldo announced to the friendly press on May 31 that they had found irregularities in most of the tenders to deal with covid-19. However, on July 6, Giuzio reported that “there was no loss or property damage to these purchases.” Then the thesis was confirmed that “Massism” is the one that whitewashes the government for now. You have to prepare for the future. And as “Context” told yesterday, they now want impunity for the future. That is why PDP Senator Pedro Santa Cruz, a member of the Judicial Council, wants to speed up the election of a member of the Supreme Court to replace Minister Antonio Fretes and Attorney General Sandra Quiñones. All before the interns on December 18th. Apparently, the Marito-Desiree relationship has been around for a while. From a love of shared hatred they will move to a love of impunity. May romanticism never die, carancho!

Senator Desiree Massey was the best guarantor that Marito was to rule with complete impunity.

From his place in the hall, he never, ever, heard any criticism, however veiled, of the President of the Republic.

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