The media power-justice marriage

We’ve said it many times, the legality This would not be possible if it were not for the necessary cooperation of the media authority. In fact, often lawsuits fake they don’t even end in a conviction, they get archived, but they serve to destroy the reputations of progressive and leftist movements and leaders through hours and hours of media smearing.

To understand this, a simple exercise is enough, look at the front pages of the main newspapers when the reason for legality and compare them to those same covers when the case is over. See For example, cover of The world when the judge Garcia Castellon tried to get the Supreme Court in Spain to indict Pablo Iglesias:

Full page, with main title and photo: Iglesias, in the Supreme Court for lying to the judge to gain an electoral advantage. Okay.

cover of The world when the reason falls apart: a small box in one corner. Title: The Supreme Court has not yet opened a case against Iglesias in the Dina case.

cover of The reasonmain title and photo: Iglesias is sticking to the position and the PSOE is demanding his dismissal if he is charged.

cover of The reason on backup: absolutely nothing on the subject.

diary cover ABC when Garcia Castellon try loading Iglesias: Iglesias, to the Supreme Court for disclosure of secrets and false complaint.

Cover of ABC on backup: absolutely nothing on the subject.

cover of The country when García Castellón tries to blame Iglesias, a full-page headline: The judge in the case, Dina, is asking the Supreme Court to investigate Iglesias.

cover of The country when the imputation attempt fails, look, they’ve indeed put a very small box in the right column: The Supreme Court dismissed the case against Iglesias and returned it to the investigating judge.

Only three months ago, when all the scams we are talking about were already known. June 7, 2022 Association of Legal Communicators and Whistleblowers, ACIURin a memorable gala, awarded the silver award to the judge Manuel Garcia Castellon, judge of Central Court with Instructions No. 6 of the National High Courtfor, I quote literally, “to instruct trials of enormous political and economic importance, with professionalism and impartiality, regardless of the ideology or economic power of those under investigation”.

What little democratic prestige there may be left for media power in this country will still make a hell of a lot of money faster than it takes García Castellón to start a lawsuit against someone on the left.

Only the Franco Foundation is missing. Wait for more: “APM and CGPJ – Franco Foundation not yet involved – launch conference for journalists on the judicial system in Spain”. Between 15 and 26 November 2021 at the headquarters of the governing body of the judiciary.

The speakers of this course to train Spanish journalists in sound democratic doctrine are mainly members of the current General Council of the JudiciaryYes, those who spent almost four years without any legitimacy of popular sovereignty. There are also some speakers who are court journalists: specifically, one of the The reasonone of Telecincoone of The Gazette of Spain and one of Zero waveradio Atresmedia.

The last example I give you today of the right-wing judiciary is media power. Jose Maria Macias, deputy of the right-wing bloc in the General Assembly of the illegitimate judiciary. In the last ten days alone, he has given interviews to The reason (the newspaper of Casals and Marjuenda), Esradius (the one from Jimenez Losantos), Zero wave (Radio Atresmedia) and well every daythe brochure of India.

But let’s find out what this means. In other words, judges who have hijacked state power for four years are making a tour of all the right-wing media to defend their hijacking of the CGPJ and directly attack the government and specific political parties.

Of course, if Pablo Iglesias comes out with any criticism of these referees, they make an official statement or even start a lawsuit, as just happened today. But they do, they can go to tabloids convicted of lying or directly part of a coup plot to say the coalition government is evil and undemocratic.

The government has an undemocratic concept of the exercise of power.” A government that was voted by the parliament. But if you say the same about those who usurped the state power for four years, they lynch you on all televisions and even chase you the world upside down.

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