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While the world calls for inclusivity and tolerance and celebrities who violate these principles with their comments are undone, the reality is that Hatred, racism and lack of empathy continue to be distilled on social networks.

In addition to the criticism of black actors in series such as “The house of the dragon“Yes”The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power‘, now the reactions of hate, criticism and controversy, which seems to be rooted more in intolerance, is the young actress Halle Bailey, who plays the new version of the Disney classic: The Little Mermaid.

Last weekend at D23, the largest gathering of Disney fans in the United States (in Anaheim, California), a packed panel of people wildly applauded the progress, or first images, of the productions the company and its various entertainment affiliates have lined up for the next two years.

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when they appeared the scenes from the new movie in real action. People shouted excitedly and even The Little Mermaid director, Rob Marshall, was surprised when he arrived on stage; greeting the audience, introduced the new Ariel (Bailey) and revealed the series “Part of Your World” in which the actress swam at the bottom of the sea and sang a piece of music which made my hair stand on end. Lugo made the first advance, which had everyone in the hall cheering.

Halle Bailey she rejoiced, greeted and thanked those who accompanied her. However, outside of this place that showed strong emotion, some on social media activated their hatred or frustration with the footage of the new production.

For some, it was a look that did not respect the classic image of Ariel (white and red hair) that they knew in the most famous animated productions. Others went straight to the point where they didn’t feel connected to the idea of ​​a black actress in the role. With the convenient anonymity offered by social media, there was no shortage of people who took the opportunity to launch hateful messages against the young woman.

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“I don’t like that the Little Mermaid actress is black, just like I don’t want the Pocahontas actress to be white, it’s not racism, it’s respect for the original movie,” was one comment from a netizen.

In response to this message, another person said: “I see a lot of complaints about The Little Mermaid adaptation, but I haven’t seen them complain about Aquaman.”

The discussion was recently defused with the appearance on the Internet of the reaction of some African-American girls who were happy to see themselves represented in the new story. “She’s like me,” says one of the little girls happily, while another jumps for joy at seeing the character in Halle Bailey’s shoes.

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She also reacted very emotionally to this positive response from her fans. In this scenario, the actress herself thanked the fans that they gave him this type of reaction, emphasizing that he feels good about this type of reception.

“I cried watching this, thank you. She is so cute,” Bailey wrote before one of the videos. “People have been sending me these reactions all weekend and I’m really ecstatic. This means a lot to me,” another reaction added.

In fact, actor Ismael Cruz Cordova, who has dealt with such hateful messages for his work on The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power, also sent a message of support to Bailey. “Dear Hallie Bailey, congratulations. The rest? Have a nice time in your caves,” wrote the Puerto Rican.

But the phenomenon is alarming, because even the new Pinocchio movie was not spared from the wave of racist attacks featuring African-American actress Cynthia Erivo as the Blue Fairy, from the wooden boy given new life on Disney Plus.

The loving reactions of true fans who have no conflict with an issue of skin color or inclusion were also surprising with the preview of the new live-action Snow White movie, which stars Gal Gadot as the villain. Columbia-born actress Rachel Zegler on the paper.

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It wouldn’t be unusual for cave dwellers – as Ismael Cruz Cordova calls them – to tear their clothes off in front of a Latina princess in one of Disney’s most iconic films.


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