Surprise in Monaco: kisses between Prince Albert and Charlene

They haven’t been happy lately
Grimaldi, this family that seems to have made an art out of the unstructured family category. None of the
marriages has been in the most important family of the Principality of Monaco has gone well, including that of Charlene and Alberto, suffering from numerous ailments, including illegitimate children, unexplained absences and effective separation of spouses. Yet happiness seems to emerge.

No one can be too optimistic about the marriage between Prince Albert, the only son of Rainier and Grace, and Charlene Wittstock, the South African Olympic swimmer who conquered Monaco’s already mature head of state in 2006. Indeed, since his return to public life last June, everyone
gestures of love between the two of them they had succeeded through the mediation of their children, twins Jacques and Gabriela, aged seven.

Despite the circulation of pictures of them posing as a happy family,
distance between Princess Charlene and her husband was evident. Probably because the couple has passed that functional stage where the man and woman disappear to make way for the parents, united more by love for their offspring than by a mutual desire to be together.

Why Charlene of Monaco and Prince Albert are kissing in public

But something must have changed between Charlene and Alberto, perhaps an improvement in the health of the princess, who had been suffering for more than a year from an unpleasant
nose, ear and throat infection which kept her away from Monaco for almost ten months. Or perhaps a display of princely charm by Alberto, perhaps determined to keep alive the only Grimaldi couple left alive.

The truth is that recent photos of the couple show an unexpected flow of affection between them, expressed in some
Kisses absolutely amazing (so little) and a
clasp your hands just as surprising. It had been a long time since Charlene and Alberto had given each other these signs of affection in public, as a confirmation of their good understanding and commitment.

This happened in the act in which they laid the first stone of an animal shelter promoted by the Society for the Protection of Animals of Monaco, whose presidency will correspond to Princess Charlene. Let’s recall that the former Olympian is very involved in
Protection of animals in his native country, where he runs a foundation dedicated to saving rhinos.

Undoubtedly, this new profession, related to the cause that most drives Princess Charlene, has motivated her
feigned happiness. In addition, it allowed continuity in Grimaldi’s relationship with an organization whose presidency was held by Princess Antoinette, Prince Rainier’s older sister, and later by her daughter Elisabeth-Anne de Massy.

If it were confirmed and above all if these renewed good relations continue, in the Principality of Monaco they could celebrate that the legendary curse of the Grimaldi heirs to the throne, condemned by a gypsy to live
unhappy marriages or tragically cut short. This, of course, was the fate of the relationship between Carolina and Estefania, two sad princesses.

Having been the darlings of European public opinion at the end of the 20th century, they have become, at the beginning of the 21st century, the epitome of misfortune. Carolina was unable to rebuild her life after
tragic passing of Stefano Casiraghi, her second husband and father of her three eldest children. Her third marriage to Ernest of Hanover did not have a happy ending either, although her youngest daughter, Princess Alexandra, was born.

Where can we check if the pair formed by Alberto and Charlene works

Estefania, the youngest daughter of Rainier and Grace, has not had a happy life either, and in fact for years seems to have abandoned the idea of
get your love life back on track. It’s been a long time since she confirmed a romantic relationship, nor are we accompanied by any “special friend”. Their three children from two different relationships and countless boyfriends who got nowhere prove that none of the Grimaldi’s had happiness easily.

The truth is that the couple formed by Alberto and Charlene deserves to work like clockwork after all the suffering experienced in these months, and we will have the opportunity to see if it can be so in
the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II, which will certainly be attended on behalf of the Grimaldi House of the Principality of Monaco. It remains to be seen whether Carolina de Monaco, still married to Ernesto de Hanover, will also attend. Will the controversial German prince attend the Queen’s funeral or will his eldest son Ernesto Jr.?

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