“Still-Life” by Fito Conesa on Mixtape Vol.1 by House of Chappaz Barna

Fito Conesa presents still life at the House of Chappaz Barcelona on the occasion of the Gallery Weekend and within the collective exhibition Mixtape Volume 1 from the gallery.

still life is part of Mixtape Volume 1 at House of Chappaz Basement in Barcelona. still life of Fito Conesa is a restoration some excerpts from the book Modern nature by director Derek Jarman and made using AI-generated images to be viewed on the Tik Tok platform. A mix/remix sure to be stimulating.

Fito Conesa,

Modern nature collects all the experiences of the English director between 1989 and 1990. At times a botanical treatise, a personal diary and ultimately how Jarman copes with the emotional, physical and mental situations brought on by HIV/AIDS. with still life in Mixtape Volume 1 at the House of Chappaz, Conesa presents in the exhibition space an image created from a text that fictionalizes a day in the life of Derek Jarman. This date puts it on September 14, 1990. Videos made for Tik Tok can also be seen in the room.

still life by Fito Conesa: The Young Man’s Guide to the Orchestra

in still life (still life in English) Fito plays with Jarman’s original title and with one of the most exploited genres in art history. The Murcian artist honors, revives and embodies Derek’s own experiences through this diary. But he also plays with the idea of ​​the most traditional in visual art to transfer it to the most innovative: the Tik-Tok platform and artificial intelligence. So that restoration has expanded on Conesa’s own Tik Tok account and decided to present on video the last ten days written in Modern nature and use artificial intelligence to create a fiction about the gaps that everyday life leaves.

Fito Conesa,

still life on tiktok

This work, which can be followed on Fito Conesa’s Tik Tok account, already started in mid-August. The images that appear in this article are created from the reading of the text and from an artificial intelligence that plays with the idea that the garden becomes Jarman himself and invades his fears, worries and feelings in a certain way. These images are provided to us by Fito exclusively for NEO2.

Mixtape Volume 1 at House Of Chappaz Basement

House Of Chappaz Basement presents for the first time a selection of works by all the artists who make up the gallery in its new phase. The desire to compile, related to the desire to collect, finds its first examples in Sumer in the fourth millennium BC. These first dictionaries sought to organize the spoofing of the world, an activity that would continue across cultures until the emergence of encyclopedic thought in the eighteenth century.

In the face of this authoritative and erudite knowledge, a form of democratization of knowledge emerged in the early 1980s, the Mixtape. The improvement of home recording systems made possible by cassette tapes made possible the proliferation of “ready-made” compilations of music so abundant that the essayist Geoffrey O’Brien went so far as to call them the most widely practiced American art form.

With this spirit of compilation created to share musical tastes and passions with others, House of Chappaz showcases the work of the gallery’s entire roster of artists in its first exhibition of the 2022-2023 season.

artists in Mixtape Volume 1

in Mixtape Volume 1 The work of authors who participated in the project from its previous formulation is presented, such as Antonio Fernández Alvira, Carlos Sáez, Michael Roy, Natacha Lesueur or Vicky Usle, in addition to the aforementioned Fito Conesa. Along with them, the newest artists involved in the project: Andrew Roberts, Diego del Pozo Bariuzo, Mitt Boras, Ovidi Bennett and Pablo Durango.

The dialogue between the works of all these authors makes it possible to highlight the lines of research and interests of the gallery promoted in this new stage.

Fito Conesa,

Fito Conesa, Fito Conesa,

Fito Conesa,

Fito Conesa,

All images exclusively for Neo2 courtesy of © Fito Conesa and House of Chappaz

House of Chappaz presents Mixtape Volume 1 during Barcelona Gallery Weekend 2022

From Thursday 15.09 to Sunday 18.09

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