Sabag Montiel and his girlfriend wanted to rent an apartment in front of Cristina’s house

The information was found on the cell phone of the detained Uliarte and stems from audio messages sent with the aggressor, whom he also accompanied to the area of ​​Yuncal and Uruguay on September 1 last year, when they tried to shoot Fernandez in the head. .

There is a third detainee in the case – Agustina Diaz, 23 – who, according to the inquest, scolded Uliarte via text messages that the attack had gone wrong and advised him to get rid of his mobile phone to cover up any incriminating evidence .

Télam was able to find out from reliable sources that Díaz had spoken with Uliarte in the days before the attempted attack about possible mechanisms for carrying out the assassination of Vice President Fernández de Kirchner.

The third accused in the case also reproached Uliarte with insults for sending Sabag Montiel to commit the murder and wondered if he had not achieved his goal because he was nervous.

From the conversations retrieved from Uliarte’s cell phone, it appears that Diaz, as this agency was able to recover, mumbled to him: “Why did the shot fail? How did you send this idiot? Did he get nervous?”.

The information that compromised Diaz to the point that his arrest was ordered came from the cell phone of Uliarte, who had planned him as “The Love of My Life.”

Díaz’s arrest took place in the San Miguel neighborhood of Buenos Aires as part of a series of operations ordered by federal judge Maria Eugenia Capuchetti and carried out by the Airport Security Police (PSA).

In the operation where the arrest was made, three mobile phones were seized, of which only one was active, the consulted sources said, adding that a chip was also seized, which they tried to hide, but did not destroy.

The PSA also carried out two other actions on Monday evening – one in the province of Buenos Aires and the other in the city of Buenos Aires – in which mobile phones, laptops, pens and other devices that have already undergone examination.

One of these raids was at the home of a confidant of Uliarte, with whom he maintained intense communication and with whom investigators believe he may have helped her try to escape: they seized his mobile phone and other belongings to continue this line of inquiry.

Following these actions, Judge Cappucciti ordered the summary declassification lifted, at which point the magistrate is expected to schedule a new detainee investigation hearing, which the NPC says must take place within 24 hours of his arrest, a period that can be extended by another 24 hours .

It was speculated that the magistrate would use that extension pending receipt of all the information contained in the electronic devices seized in the raid on Diaz’s house.

Official defender Juan Martín Hermida was notified this afternoon of his appointment to defend the new detainee and decided to meet with her: he will take over her defense if no “opposing interests” arise with the representation of Sabag Montiel, whom he is already defending in this case ..

On the other hand, the magistrate was expected to summon Sabag Montiel and Uliarte to expand his investigation to show them the new evidence included in the file, among which the messages received from the phone of the girlfriend of the main accused about the attack, that confirm that 1 September is not the first attempt to kill the vice president.

The three investigations will take place this Wednesday, according to Télam sources from the investigation, which also involves prosecutor Carlos Rivolo.

Investigators also confirmed that Sabag Montiel and Uliarte tried to kill the former president on August 27, the night the vice president was talking to the rebels located in the area of ​​Juncal and Uruguay streets, where the building where the head of the The Senate.

« No, she does not realize, the problem is that there is a C5N camera and there are few people and people are leaving and this is the moment, now it is late, that is, it is 12 o’clock on the clock and she. She left at that time and was at that time, that is, the stage was with her because they would follow her, ”says one of the messages Uliarte received from Sabag Montiel.

“You understand? We’ll see later on TV what happened because when she came in they followed her and that was it,” said another message intercepted by the justice system.

In another message, Sabag Montiel tells Uliarte: “No, they have already entered inside me and taken the stage, the amphitheater outside. I touched (Buenos Aires Governor) Axel Kitchiloff on the back and he got into a Toyota Etios, ah, and left, a mess. She’s up there, but I don’t think she’ll come out, so it’s go, I’m going there, stay there. Don’t wear anything.”

Information about an intention to rent an apartment near Christina Kirchner’s home comes from the phone of the accused herself and opens a new question for the investigators: Who financed the undertakings of this criminal gang, who had time to perform intelligence tasks? and looking to rent an apartment in Recoleta?

On the other hand, The progress of the investigation removes the suspicions that were damaged on the group of snowflake sellers who, the day after the attack on Fernández de Kirchner, appeared on the Télefe news show to give an interview to Uliarte.

The “Kopitos,” as they were dubbed in this investigation, are Gabriel Nicolás Carrizo, Miguel Ángel Castro Riglos, Sergio Orozco, Leonardo Volpintesta, Lucas Acevedo, and they continue to be considered witnesses in the case.

“His versions, at least so far, have been fully confirmed,” synthesized a source from the investigation to Télam.

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