Paola Hara’s love advice for her followers who are having problems with their partner

Paola Hara, popular singer. Photo: Instagram @paolajarapj

Last June 2 Paola Hara He treated his fans to a new song of meanness, “Where have you been?”, which was released along with his music video.

“I ask you why I came back in tears today, so long that I waited for you, I looked at the window longing for your arrival, imagining that you would come again. At night I was on my knees begging and looking at the phone on my bed waiting to get that call, the one you never did when you weren’t there. And where were you in the cold nights when I needed you and where were you when my heart asked me about you…”; This is part of the above topic.

Now, this Tuesday, September 13, the popular music singer wanted to interact with her community on Instagram and bring the following topic to the table from her InstaStories: “Have you ever had to ask your partner where you’ve been?”

In view of her success and popularity in popular music, the Antioquia singer has most likely received a large number of messages, in fact she responded to several of the comments she received from her fans and in turn gave some love advice.

So a user wrote to the performer about her partner: “She leaves with someone else and comes back after three months; and I ask him where was he? In this regard, Paola Hara opined: “Oh no. That’s not even asking him anything, that should already be blocked, deleted. What an audacity.”

Paola Hara and her love advice for followers who are having relationship problems

On the other hand, another follower told her that she “no longer cares about anything” her partner does because she “doesn’t care about everything”; Given this scenario, the translator of “Murió el amor” wanted to ask two questions: “But something worries me, why are you still with him? and are you happy like that

Paola Hara and her love advice for followers who are having relationship problems

There were also those who told him that after breaking up with his sentimental partner, it sometimes hurt to think about it. In this case, the Colombian singer emphasized the importance of these processes: “Time is the best friend and healer of all things, and there will surely come a day when you will remember it with no care, no pain, no nothing.”

Paola Hara and her love advice for followers who are having relationship problems

Among the comments Jara received was someone who had toxic attitudes because before the comment, “I don’t ask him (about ‘where was he?’) I put hair and put on a show that I think he was in,” right the translator of “Salud por el” also answered: “Oh no, neither, not like that, we can’t be that toxic.”

Paola Hara and her love advice for followers who are having relationship problems

And regarding a fan who wrote to her: “To my husband who always ignores me, but I tell him about the divorce and the love is rekindled”, here the popular music singer, in addition to giving advice, gave her opinion: “I imagine that if this is happening and you want a divorce, it’s because a lot has definitely happened in your relationship and you’ve waited many times and maybe asked me where I am a few times.

On the other hand, it is worth recalling that Paola Hara is married to a colleague who, apart from being a singer, also shares the genre of popular music: Jesse Uribe.

Paola Hara and her love advice for followers who are having relationship problems

In the field of the national entertainment industry, Paola Hara and Jesse Uribe They are usually aware of the romantic details they prepare for each other. Although in Colombian entertainment there are famous couples who prefer to keep everything related to their romantic relationship a secret, in the case of popular music singers, everything is very different. publicly express affection, allow themselves to be seen pampering each other and give each other gifts or surprises.

In fact, last Saturday, September 3, the singer from Antioquia shared a video on her social networks showing part of the surprise she gave her husband after arriving from a concert he proposed in Envigado, (Antioquia). Thus, In the clip, Uribe can be seen observing his surprise as he expresses, “So beautiful. Oh my God, sir, what a spectacular thing. Here is the video:

Paola Hara and her romantic surprise for Jesse Uribe: “He deserves everything”


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