MR News | Caring Plan: Boys and Girls of Rosario Participate in Peace Circles

In order to promote democratic participation, understanding, tolerance and solidarity for respectful coexistence, as well as to prevent violence between boys and girls in the city, the municipality of Rosario, together with the organization Aldeas Children, conducts Peace Rounds in clubs and schools in different neighborhoods.

It is a series of sensitive, safe and friendly workshops for exchange and awareness, where the development of positive relationships is made possible through the approach of aspects such as respect, cooperation and consensus building, and participatory communication is encouraged. from dialogue and active listening and skills such as empathy and acceptance of differences to violence prevention and self-care.

Thus, since April of this year, within the framework of the Care Plan, about 90 meetings have been held in various schools and clubs, which have covered over 1,650 girls and boys. With this meeting forecast and with the project already underway, it is estimated that between September and the end of November 2022, a further 90 meetings (30 per month) will be held in schools, reaching approximately 3,500 boys and girls. and 10 workshops in clubs that will reach 1,000 boys and girls who participate in sports spaces in the city.

Nicolas Giannelloni, Secretary of Human Development and Habitat, commented in this regard that the purpose of these meetings is “to create a space that facilitates the development of positive relationships based on respect, cooperation and consensus building, promoting dialogue and active listening , for violence prevention and self-care for participating girls and boys.”

Undersecretary for Human Development, Lucas Raspal, was very pleased with this initiative: “Actions like this, which today reach thousands of girls and boys in the city, aim not only to raise awareness of how harmful behavior such as bullying or other forms of violence, but also represent an example of dialogue, of listening, where their voices and their requests can be expressed freely, and adults have the commitment to listen to them and accept them as a contribution to make a better city for children and youth.

From the organization Aldeas Infantiles, Melina Arrieta reported: “Together with the Directorate for the Integration of Care Policies, we built the device, the materials were prepared and the Peace Circles workshops began to take place in April. All the schools we reached accept the workshop in the sixth or seventh grade with great predisposition and pleasure, because there they feel the serious and varied difficulties of coexistence associated with the two extraordinary years of the pandemic. Given this reading, schools take the implementation of these workshops as an example to address these issues.

“The assessment we make of the implementation of the workshops is extremely positive, it is clear that this proposal comes to add to the schools a tool that contributes to solving or at least dealing with more success the difficulties of coexistence and relationships that exist in the institutions. . We share the goal of empowering boys and girls to build non-violent ways to connect; to feel part of a group; to respect and recognize the richness that feeds on differences, redefining the concept of peace. We also have a common premise that the school as an institution, with the accompaniment and commitment of other institutions and organizations in the territory, has a decisive function in the task of repairing social wounds, through affectivity, dialogue and grouping as engines that promote peaceful coexistence”, concluded Arrieta.

Promising balance

On the other hand, the feedback from management, teachers and students is largely satisfactory. Teachers and principals express the need they realize to work on the issue of violence prevention and the importance of making room for it in schools. Being able to maintain a device with a participatory dynamic that makes room for everyone’s say and collective building is very helpful. Some teachers indicate that through these workshops they have been able to get boys and girls to work together who have never done this before.

For their part, the organizers of these meetings point out that girls and boys express the need to express themselves about their discomfort and grief from situations of bullying, family and social violence. Stories emerge of experiences as witnesses or part of events related to drug crimes and other complex situations that need space to unfold and process through words and games. However, the interventions are not limited in this direction, and sometimes act as a facilitating space for expressing the wishes and interests of girls and boys.

Care plan

The care plan is the union of all the teams, resources and actions of the municipal state to work together to promote inclusion and care for all people in all neighborhoods of the city.

This is the call to all organizations in the city to join this network and work along the lines of intervention of the Plan, giving priority to people with different levels of dependence, during childhood, youth and adulthood, and especially those who are in situations of greater vulnerability, from the principle of equality and justice.

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