Marisa Andino and Marcelo Velkoff: prophecy and love born from a car accident and gave birth to three children

He was sad because he had broken up a few months ago. She had decided not to go out with her friends that weekend, despite their insistence, but her mother predicted, “If you go out today, you’ll meet the love of your life.” Marisa Andino he listened to him and was. However, this first meeting was not at all romantic, quite the opposite. Marisa Andino and Marcelo Velkoff they met by bumping into each other. Nothing serious, but they had to stop and exchange data and there was a crush. It was June 1989, and Marissa wasn’t yet a journalist, nor was Marcelo a plastic surgeon. They were just beginning their lives. The coffee they shared that night was repeated many times, a year later they were married and in time three children were born to them. Today, his love story has been written for 32 years.

“It’s true, I met my husband by accident. Ours is from a soap opera,” joked the presenter of soap opera at noon in I live for you. “I didn’t feel like going out that day, but my mom said to me, ‘I’m out, girl, I have a feeling you’re going to meet the love of your life.’ So I listened to him and went out with two friends and we went to eat because I didn’t feel like going dancing. I was 19 years old and I was in my father’s car (journalist Ramon Andino), who had already passed away. I was driving, there was a car next to me, I winked to turn right and asked my friend to also let me know that I was going to turn. But she didn’t warn me, I turned and the other continued. I maneuvered but we collided. They immediately hit the glass and my friend, the one in the back, said to me: “I opened it, it’s strong.” I rolled down the window, we talked about the crash, I told him I had the blinker on, and he said, “You didn’t, but it doesn’t matter, we’ll have a drink and fix it.” There were five of us because he was with a friend and I was with two friends. We stayed up late talking that day. And when he told me it was from Racing, I remember thinking, “That’s mine.” Everyone took out their race card. The next day he called me to invite me to dinner. A lifetime together, because from that day on we have never been apart. During that dinner we fell madly in love. And a year later we got married. My mother hit her, a real little witchAndino assured.

The disaster gave rise to many conversations and arguments and, according to the journalist, every time she is asked about what happened that day, they continue to “talk about it” and “blame each other”. And he clarifies between laughs in each note: “His version of the crash is that he sent me one, but he didn’t because I winked at him. Clash is the eternal discussion. When we go out, it’s Marcelo who always drives because he can’t be a companion, but I drive very well,” he noted.

That night Velkoff felt the same arrow go through him and said so too I live for you: “Our lives intersected a little bit by fate and a little bit by his inability to drive. We are creating a wonderful family with three children who are our greatest pride. They are wonderful, our best achievement. We pass sorrows, defeats, joys, share projects. 32 years seem like a lot, but they were nothing or almost nothing, because time is not important when life is with the other”.

The couple married a year after the accident and had three children: Juan Ignacio, (29;) who is a journalist like her mother, works at IP Noticias and has a column in the news show she hosts and anchors the program strong voiceon Public Television; Thomas (27), that he is a doctor like his father; Y Savior (17), that he is the spoiled one in the family and that he is graduating from high school this year and has not yet decided what to study.

Andino and Velkoff do a radio show together: ‘It’s like our cable to the ground’. And the journalist assured that these 32 shared years are thanks to the fact that they try to understand each other every day. “We love each other deeply. Not everything is rosy for I do not believe in pink marriages, nor in the Ingalls family. Sometimes we fight and maybe four or five days have gone by without speaking. They are everyday things because we have three children and there are discussions.

Of his children, Andino said the youngest “is almost a grandson.” And he said: “Marcelo didn’t want to have another, but I did and I cheated on him. I told him he was taking care of me and it wasn’t true (laughs). The day he found out, he was jumping for joy. The Savior is the light of his eyes. It revolutionized us all. I am passionate about my children, about love and about the family we are creating.”

Now the family is reorganizing because Juan Ignacio has been living alone for several years and Tomás intends to become independent soon. “I already have empty nest syndrome,” he joked in a recent interview.

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