Locho, jury of Canta Conmigo Now: the “no” that changed his future, faith in the Virgin and a chain of causality

Locho is one of the hundred judges of Sing With Me Now (Credit: Ramiro Souto)

“Dreams don’t come true… dreams do come true”her mother writes her Monica, in a letter a few days ago. And it is that on December 31, 2021, when he raised his glass in toast, Lucas Lochisano, Locho, did not imagine that his 2022 would be the year in which everything he had worked for since he was a child would be fulfilled. That is why next October 1, like every year, he will walk to Luján, but this time he will not ask, but go to “thank you and thank you”.

Between recording and recording, the jury of sing with me now talks to his classmates – a large group is formed in which good mood, jokes and camaraderie reign – he drinks coffee and talks to TV show. He is like on TV, smiling, attentive and talkative in the best sense of the word. it still is “surprised and trying to figure out what’s going on.” This is from October last year when he said that “no” to the offer to participate in Ethe famous hotel a lot has happened so far.

Locho in the recording cut of Canta Conmigo Ahora at Polka Studios in Don Torquato (Credit: Ramiro Souto)
Locho in the recording cut of Canta Conmigo Ahora at Polka Studios in Don Torquato (Credit: Ramiro Souto)

“I’m Crushed I Say”what the hell?I feel like I’m dreaming, but it’s karma, so many years of fighting it and working with it for the good, the camaraderie that ultimately giveslife and God give you what you want if you are a good person and work for it”he says, and in the passage from the note his faith is the protagonist.

“I am a believer and I can talk for hours about God, I have faith in him and in me. I always use a rosary and have at tattooed virgin. The first of October is the pilgrimage to Luján and I will go, I have been going since I was 17, I just didn’t go during the pandemic. I want to arrive, it’s hard to stop when you start,” says he who has gone around a dozen times to worship the Virgin. It’s very personal, but even though he went to ask a few times, he will go this time “thank you and share a nice moment”.

It is that he is experiencing a great moment at work and also personally. “In the fourth month of my mother’s pregnancy, from her womb I said,Marcello Tinelli, Marcello Tinelli”he jokes, is that like many of the “hundred”, he has grown and looks the rhythm of the night VideoMatch and ShowMatch and in front of the TV he imagined himself there, face to face with the driver, where he was at the moment. “I’m having a blast. I always say my dream is to work what I like and do what I like and today is that, tomorrow I might want to do agriculture and I will do that or work as an office worker and that is what i want to do dedicate my whole life to what is good for me and makes me happy”.

Locho arrives early for the Canta Conmigo Now tapings to change (Credit: Ramiro Souto)
Locho arrives early for the Canta Conmigo Now tapings to change (Credit: Ramiro Souto)

– What makes you happy at work?

-The music. I always want music to accompany me. I see Jey Mammon for example and he is a live show which gives importance to music. I want what I do to be related to music because it is one of the most beautiful things that human beings possess.

– Already The famous hotel how did it get there Had it been that way?

— They called me in October and I said no, that was the funniest thing. I was in that moment The roulette of your dreams, with Pamela David and I couldn’t get off, then the cycle ended unexpectedly and I sent a message to the producer telling her I was released but they weren’t looking for any more members. I didn’t say anything more, and a week later they called me and told me there was an opportunity because Rodrigo Noia was resigning for personal reasons.

— And then Locho entered The hotel… If you had been from the beginning, perhaps your income would not have generated what it generated in your colleagues and therefore the empathy of people that you immediately achieved?

– I don’t know what would have happened if I entered one, I know that he accompanied me and gave everything and that was a blessing for me. Thus things are presented, and thousands of coincidences or causations come together.

Locho is one of the judges who most often press the button to vote for the contestants of Canta Conmigo Now (Credit: Ramiro Souto)
Locho is one of the judges who most often press the button to vote for the contestants of Canta Conmigo Now (Credit: Ramiro Souto)

Your weeks on cycle powered by Pampita and Chino Leunis were not easy and in more than one case its companions, or part of them, the group is called the “family” led by Chanci Estevez, they reject him except nominate him every round. However, he prefers not to use the word “bullying”: “It was strong, but I get such strong messages from guys who have been through such hard things to compare themselves to me, who had two hundred producers looking after me, my family waiting for me and the choice to leave, No. This is incomparable to what really happened in the schools”.

Then a message to the young people who follow him: “Fight for your dreams. Commit to what you dream of or don’t commit, it may not happen, but by dedicating yourself to it every day, egg and work, you have more chances”. His words are not unrelated to reality, and he knows that along the way, waiting for those goals to materialize, many times there is other work to be done. He, for example he was a supermarket clerk: “But I did it, putting my dream first.”

In the “H” of El Hotel de los Famosos, Locho had a panic attack

Although he didn’t have a good time at times The hotel... “never say never”: “I had been on another reality show and said I would never lock myself up again and six months later I was there. Today I would say that I would not repeat it, but it is better not to say it, because I do not want to be a slave to my words.

In “H” he had a panic attack and in those difficult moments he thought about how his parents would be if they saw him on the other side of the screen and there again coincidences appear that make things fall into place: “I came home after a loss the very day that episode aired and actually now I think it wasn’t a coincidence that I was there so my parents wouldn’t see that it was hard without me and I was there “.

In complex situations in the game, there was always the shoulder of Maggio Martino to accompany him -and vice versa-. “When I was bad, she hugged me, we supported each other and that made us fall in love, we were great friends and today we are great boyfriends, but we are still great friends”emphasizes the value of camaraderie in relationships and assures that everything is “great.”

“It’s a child’s dream” she jokes, as a few months ago I looked her up on Instagram and texted her, and adds with a smile: “I didn’t win the Ten of Wands, but I got Maji, We are in love, happy and accompanying each other in this very crazy stage because we both had exposure and are great companions in this newness”.

Locho and Maggio Martino met at El Hotel de los Famosos and are now a couple
Locho and Maggio Martino met at El Hotel de los Famosos and are now a couple

in sing with me now is listed as one of those who always press the vote button for participants, it is reflected in them: “Here I have 100 colleagues with incredible energy and we are the participants and we, we are a group of friends, we are happythere are good vibes, a piano in the tent, there are certain characters who have a dressing room and are always here, drinking coffee and laughing, for sure they wanted a dressing room, now they are free and everyone is in the tent”.

For the future, he wants to do theater, There are even rumors that he will do a season with Maggio at Villa Carlos Paz, but nothing is finalized yet… “we are very close”. And of course, he enjoys the popularity that he sought for a long time, as a result of his work: “On the street they treat me like everyone’s friend, the newsstand hugs me, people aren’t shy to approach me and I love it, that’s what I love most about working in the media, people’s love, as if everyone is your mother, father, friend.

Always forward, with a smile and look on the positive side of things. “The other day at the bowling alley they threw an ice cube at me and I nodded, to me it was the good vibes of people seeing me drinking a hot drink,” he concludes with a smile, realizing that humor is the best way to deal with situations and realizing that as seen on screen, so is in life.


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