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When you live in large or big cities where there is more congestion and pollution among other factors that citizens are exposed to, it is normal for people’s pace of life to be a bit faster and this is why This means that some families are looking for more -peaceful options for housing, without this implying a complete distance from the city.

It is the increase in the development of real estate projects that mix urban and rural that is linked to the improvement the sector is having, in the midst of economic reactivation. In numbers, according to Camacol, in the period from January to June 2022, 127,218 new homes were sold in Colombia, an increase of 2.5 percent compared to the same period of the previous year, added to that, according to the Dane, in in the first quarter of 2022, Colombians requested about 40,000 housing loans, for which more than 5 billion dollars were paid; of which 76 percent is earmarked for investment in low-income housing projects.

Faced with this panorama of rapid growth, projects that combine the natural and the urban, close to the city, are increasing, because they are close to the city, they can be considered “rapid development”, so they tend to be properties , which achieve significant appreciation in the short term.

Apart from economic reasons, the main advantages of living in rural areas are related to aspects such as security, tranquility, possibility of better and bigger spaces, green areas for recreation and other things. On the other hand, the positive impact is notorious not only on physical health, but also on mental health, favoring disorders such as stress and anxiety.

In accordance with the above, Compensar, an entity that, according to the Real Estate Gallery, continues to be the Family Compensation Fund with the largest share of social housing sold in the last three years in Bogotá and surrounding municipalities, launched Arrayán Forests of Calera.

This is a new housing project of social interest, located at km 8.4 through Bogotá – La Calera, which will be built by the firm Arquitectura y Concreto, with more than 30 years of experience in the real estate sector. This new proposal consists of 192 apartments with balcony, with or without subsidy, and with one of the largest areas in the area (58 sq.m.), excellent lighting, ventilation and nature.

“This indicator reveals not only a quantitative aspect, but is the result of our constant commitment to the quality of housing, as part of the vision
strategy of the organization, where we perceive housing as an axis of overall well-being, i.e. beyond building houses or apartments, we foster healthy, happy and productive communities”
said Carlos Andres Rodríguez, housing and subsidies manager at Compensar.

New projects

For the rest of the year, Compensar is preparing two more editions. On the one hand, the Parque de Las Américas, a project in Puente Aranda for low-income housing and urban renewal, a concept that, according to the Bogotá Urban Renewal Company, tends to a greater and better offer of social services, heritage care , transport-oriented development, revitalizing the economy by reactivating employment in new agglomeration areas, improving the quality of the urban environment and providing affordable housing, among others. It will subsequently launch Cantoval, a low-income housing project to be built in partnership with Fernando Mazuera, on 210th Street between Carrera Séptima and Autopista Norte, which is part of Lagos de Torca, a mega architectural project in Bogotá that promises to develop the urban development of the city.

With this trifecta, Compensar consolidates 29 housing projects: 15 in Bogotá and 14 in neighboring municipalities such as Soacha, Cajica, Tocansipa, Sylvania, Ubate, Funza, Girardo and Zipaquira, among others; and in total, once the work is finished, it will reach about 47,000 housing solutions built in Cundinamarca.

According to the director of the enterprise, these launches are complemented by more and better opportunities to achieve real access to this housing proposal, with a favorable balance in the first half of the current year, in which more than $ 270.115 million have been delivered. in housing subsidies to benefit nearly 12,000 families. In addition, nearly $7,720 million approved in mortgage loans and nearly 800 new savers, more than 3,900 beneficiaries through home improvement programs and their various lines, including lighting, location, furniture, interior design and living workshops, and finally , more than 27,000 people affected by the Community’s social development programme; In summary, a balance that takes into account his maturity in housing matters and his commitment to overall well-being.

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