Jonas Gutierrez’s response when asked about the cheating accusation he received from Alejandra Maglietti

Jonas Gutierrez and the details of his breakup with Alejandra Maglietti

Jonas Gutierrez Y Alexandra Maglietti They were together for half a decade and remained very close when the footballer battled testicular cancer in 2013. They even made their desire to walk down the aisle public at the time, but shortly after rumors of an upcoming party, they chose to go different ways. In 2019, they ended their relationship and since then the two characters have been trying to turn the page in the love sphere.

In an interview with The Odyssey Jait Show, the footballer who knew how to wear the colors of the Argentine team and become a benchmark at Newcastle of the Premier League, was consulted about his failed relationship. “It’s just that the door on the topic of infidelity opens up for me. You saw that your ex-partner Alejandra Maglietti said that you cheated on her that The porter called her over and showed her a video of you entering with a married woman. He told this story. What do you think about this? Was that so?” asked the driver.

The Houndemphatically replied, “No, I tell you, no. Let’s see, I always said and still say the same thing about Alejandra. She was a great woman who was by my side in a very difficult time, we had an excellent relationship. After the last thing there, things didn’t end in the best way in the sense that love ended. Things that happen. After what she stated, I have nothing more to say. I already told her it didn’t happen. I don’t like to get into controversy.”.

The mention was related to statements Maglietti made last year: “I found out from the goalkeeper after the split. He showed me the surveillance footage. I saw them and the one who came in was married. I couldn’t be mad, I didn’t go to talk to her husband, she had nothing to do with it, he was the one who broke off the engagement.”

Alejandra Maglietti and Jonas Gutierrez had been in a relationship for five years

Ulysses reminded Jonas of some of the phrases the lawyer had pronounced against him blessed, the program on which he is a panelist, but Gutierrez kept his position. “I see it as excellent because I met her working there, working as a model and in many things. It seems barbaric to me. I’m not the one to tell him what to say or what to do as a couple or already separated for a few years. It’s her job, what she’s always done, and when I met her, I already knew where she worked. It doesn’t bother me,” he added.

Far from being angry, the former player, who retired from Almagro at the start of the year and today works as an analyst at TyC Sports He confirmed his opinion: “I bank everything. I love her so much. What’s more, I still love her. I know where you work and I think the program they have is excellent. When we were together, I knew that I could talk about all topics without taboos, and it was still the same when you were apart.”.

Jeet also reminded him of the day Magglietti recognized that time he came to pick out his outfit for the wedding party. “I believe life is moments and they are decisions. When you’re in a couple, everything is for two. I think if we haven’t gotten married or started a family, it’s because it was a moment where one wanted to and the other didn’t. That was kicked for later and we were done in no time. As a couple, you make decisions at any moment,” answered Galgoto.

To close, the driver put on the table if there was an opportunity for a second cycle of the pair. “No, we’ve already gone our separate ways. I think we had a very good relationship then. Then it didn’t end in the best way and that’s it. As I told you before, one has to be very careful when speaking. Our paths parted and ended. I don’t like to do futurology and I don’t do it,” Jonas added. And concluded: “I’m alone, calm down”.


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