Gredos focuses on a younger audience in its 15th edition of Musicians in Nature

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Before its start, the Musicians in Nature concert saw a greater presence of a younger audience to enjoy Ainda, Iván Ferreiro, Leiva and C. Tangana. Before the doors opened, the first queues rolled in and attendees didn’t hesitate to grab drinks and hats to brave the heat that was intense in the afternoon.

On the 15th anniversary of this musical event, a change in atmosphere is noticeable, with younger people than previous editions, perhaps then with more classical artists, but with the same zest and desire to enjoy. There were many groups of friends as well as families who came together, albeit with different musical tastes.

Security was very visible, even with dogs or a helicopter, as well as health resources for any incident that might occur, although the first bars went smoothly.

Since the doors opened, the public began to enter with great calmness and enthusiasm. Of course, they had to go through the appropriate checks, bags and backpacks were checked, there were no bottles with corks and everyone had to wear the required wristband.

After passing the entrances, after a short walk, you reach the area with various food and drink bars and the two stages set up for the occasion. The audience chose to sit on the esplanade, it was not for nothing that there were many hours ahead. However, preferences are visible from the first moment, with groups that went to the first row of the stage of the first concerts, but which were placed directly on that of C. Tangana.

Others preferred to walk around, buying souvenirs from the concert, and what was not missing from any hand were mobile phones, immortalizing this special occasion. And this happened even before entering the hall, as there was a photo session with the images of the artists, in front of which many posed and others sought shade.

All this has happened since the early afternoon, but the truth is that the organization has been working hard, with 600 people responsible for making sure that nothing is missing in recent days. The veterans had no problems, but neither did the first-timers. And in the audience there were people from different places, many from Castile and León, although people from Madrid were also very present.

In addition, the ticket offices continued to work in the afternoon for the stragglers, so that no one was left without their ticket.

This commemorative edition of the fifteenth anniversary of Músicos en la Naturaleza will have two stages that will host the four concerts planned.

two scenarios

Ainda, Iván Ferreiro and Leiva will perform on stage A from 19:15. It measures 18.5m. mouth and 14 m. Tall. It will have two 4-meter sound towers, 50,000 watts of sound and 200,000 lights.

Stage C, by C.Tangana, will have the same technical specifications and will also have a giant screen on top and a provocateur. The production of the artist from Madrid will give the viewer the feeling of enjoying a movie in real time.

Both scenarios will be together to make them more sustainable and accessible to attendees.

ecological kit

Since the concert takes place in a place like the Sierra de Gredos, an ecological jewel, the delivery of the ecological kits was not lacking thanks to the volunteers and with the collaboration of Ecoembes. They consisted of a bag with a garbage bag, a recyclable plastic cup and an ashtray inside. Because the music was important, but also everything was clean.

Tourism and taste of the countryside

The concert in Hoyos del Espino is not only a musical event, but also offers an opportunity to promote a province like Ávila, which has one of its main economic resources in tourism. The simple presence of the concert is a promotion, as one of the most beautiful areas of the province is known and many people take the opportunity to spend the night and make routes. But this year another step was taken in the promotion, hand in hand with the Diputación de Ávila.

Outside, next to the Casa del Parque, was the institution’s trailer, where the country’s attractions were advertised and gifts were given out, such as the prized hats that many wore.

Once inside, it was time for “taste”, in this case with Ávila Auténtica, which offered food from its collaborators, including hamburgers with Carne de Ávila, but also ham, fillet or cheese sandwiches, Ávila bread and chips. Attendees passed by this bar to sample some of the flavors and take a double memory of Avila, on the palate and in the ear.

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