Carlos III promises to “serve with loyalty, respect and love”

21 years old, Isabel II he made the most important promise of his entire reign. He promised that his whole life “be it long or short” would be at the service of the citizens. He more than fulfilled it. And his son, now Carlos III, wanted to renew it yesterday with his first speech to the nation as head of state. At 73, he is aware that his rule was born with limited time. But he wanted to convey to the British a message of calm continuity with an emotional intervention in which the word “love” was one of the most repeated.

“As the Queen has done, with unwavering devotion, I also solemnly commit myself, during the remaining time that God wishes to give me, to defend the constitutional principles that lie at the heart of our nation,” he stressed in his televised announcement, which was great tribute to his mother.

“To my dear mom, as you begin your last great journey to be reunited with my dear dad, I just want to say this: Thank you. Thank you for your love and devotion to our family and the family of nations. those who have served so diligently all these years,” he added.

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