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This month, turn your favorite plan into an experience of another level thanks to the different plans that technology offers you.

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Love and friendship can be the right time to celebrate with your partner or friends at home, from romantic plan to entertainment opportunities are perfect to celebrate this date. Thanks to the technology of Samsung smart TVs, you can set the scene and turn the home into a movie theater, a video game area or remember trips through large photographs.

Below we present different plans you can make with Samsung technology to celebrate as a couple or with friends.

Movies with unrivaled picture and surround sound

Samsung’s audio and video catalog allows you to create a cinema in the privacy of your home and thus enjoy unsurpassed image quality through the Neo QLED Smart TV, which automatically scales the image to the highest existing resolution in 8K and projects every detail.

In addition, the Neo QLEDs allow the space to be filled with dynamic and realistic sound, which will allow, in addition to seeing, to hear the action of the film, since the speakers will be activated according to the area of ​​the screen where the action takes place, which creates an effect of movement through sound. Also, regardless of ambient noise, the TV will allow voices to be amplified for clearer dialogue.

Samsung soundbars are characterized by their technology that allows better use of sound and that with the Symphony Mode function[1] all speakers on the bar and TV are synchronized to enjoy 360º sound, the perfect complement to a movie night.

Next generation video game play

If you are one of those who share your time with friends, playing video games is the best option. In the Neo QLED Gaming TV QN90B, a unique TV in its category, you can enjoy the best video gaming experience with a refresh rate of up to 144Hz. You can also connect other devices, such as an audio system with Dolby Atmos, through the four HDMI 4.1 ports to expand the experience.

In turn, for this TV Samsung has developed a special game bar so that you do not have to interrupt the game and thus adjust functions such as the refresh rate and switch from a regular image to an ultra-wide-angle image for a larger perspective.

Plans inside or outside the house

Freestyle is a projector with smart features that you can take anywhere and enjoy an image of up to 100” at home or while camping or a romantic dinner, take a portable projector to project fun scenes with Ambient Mode or YouTube videos, for to listen to them music.

Remember unique moments through photos

Enjoy recalling the most special memories and relive those meetings or special plans through photos. With The Frame, a TV from Samsung’s Lifestyle Screens portfolio, you can enjoy pictures with 100% color image quality, which will give you an image that is as close to reality as possible and transport you to the most special moments.

Frame is an adaptable TV that will give a unique touch to any space in the home, as you can choose the frame and base of your choice for a different installation. In addition, you can enjoy a wide catalog of works with more than 1700 options.

Karaoke night with more powerful and enveloping sound

If you and your partner are characterized by taste in music or as a group of music lovers, the karaoke plan is the perfect plan to enjoy and celebrate love or friendship in the middle of a concert accompanied by your favorite songs, Samsung Sound Towers enhance the experience. to enjoy music with high-quality surround and immersive sound and without the need for cables.

[1] Symphony mode is only available for compatible Samsung TVs.

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