Atlético Madrid | Joao Felix, eternal love for Atlético de Madrid, to mark an era

14/09/2022 at 08:23


At Betfair, the fact that the Atletico de Madrid striker continues at the Metropolitano next season is considered the most reliable option

After rumors of interest from Manchester United or PSG, the Morata link or Simeone’s words reveal a big connection

“Atletico has a very complicated financial situation and they are considering selling a player that Cholo doesn’t like very much or the player Cholo. The board doesn’t want to sell him, but they wouldn’t rule him out because of the economy. That player is Joao Felix.” Similar statements could be read or heard in some media this summer. That Atletico Madrid are considering selling one of their most relevant players, Portugal’s Joao Felix. Nothing could be further from the truth, which, on course, points to a timeless love story to mark an era at Metropolitan.

The rojiblanco side have not dealt with breaking a relationship that began in 2019 for 127 million euros and which has so far led to 109 official games (28 goals and 15 assists) before the start of the current season. Although it is true that the footballer’s performance was not as decisive as expected at the beginning, Madrid did not lose faith in him and he responded at the start of the season with a great start. According to Betfair predictions, the commitment and bond between the Portuguese and the Metropolitan club is stronger than ever.

“As long as you need it”

“Joao is more mature, he needs a goal, he needs to score goals. He comes from many games without that flattery that gives him the target and one rushes to appear so that he arrives and goes away. So rest assured, it’s all there. We need him to be good, to perform at the time when the team needs him,” Simeone commented after the last game. In a press conference, messages of support from the Argentine coach grew stronger in favor of his star, something you did didn’t happen before.

That Joao Felix will continue at Atlético de Madrid next season reaches an implied probability of 85.5%, that is, it is almost taken for granted. Betfair punters are trending very favorably towards the Portuguese’s continuation for the 2023-2024 campaign. According to Betfair predictions, signing Manchester United is the strongest alternative, but reaches a low implied probability of this happening at 16.7%. The striker himself admitted in a recent interview that he did not receive an offer from any English club. The 130 million he put on the table never reached the ears of the board or the player. It is true that the departure of Joao Felix would have meant an attack on Atlético de Madrid by Cristiano Ronaldo, as his compatriot would have left a juicy sum of money. However, everything remained speculation and rumours.

The duo with Morata, key

One of the keys to convincing Joao Felix to stay has been his relationship with Morata since the start of pre-season. Alvaro Morata was another of those on the starting ramp and he earned Cholo Simeone’s trust based on goals. The Argentine coach has relied on Joao Felix and the Madrid striker as an attacking duo in his matches. Three assists for the Portuguese (all three in the same game, something that in the Portuguese key, in the 21st century only Figo and Cristiano Ronaldo have achieved) and three goals for the Spaniard make Cholo’s La Liga bet a good one, which for now gives you good results.

PSG’s interest

The third way may come from France. In the midst of the last winter market, and how could it be otherwise given his extraordinary abilities, Joao Felix has attracted the interest of other giants of the old continent. For example, Paris Saint-Germain, one of the most powerful teams in Europe, expressed their intentions to sign him immediately. According to Betfair predictions, Joao Felix playing for PSG next season reaches an implied probability of 12.5%, a far cry from the probability conveyed by his continuity at Madrid.

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